Kverneland PUDAMA – Demo field trials all over Europe

We claim: PUDAMA is increasing the efficiency in the use of mineral starter fertiliser in maize: maintaining 100% yield whilst saving at least 25% starter fertiliser.

Kverneland PUDAMA – Demo field trials all over Europe

After the studies of the PUDAMA system carried out in Germany in 2022 with excellent test results, this spring the O-Series have been spread out to farmers for demo test trials all over Europe.

Be as close to the local farmers as possible will allow us to convince the public and to establish international references to all sorts of soil conditions, cultivation methods and crop management.

On the demo test fields, maize was planted by the PUDAMA system with a depot of starter fertiliser placed precisely next to the maize seed and in reference rows in a continuous band, the conventional way. Aiming for utmost efficiency and reduction in fertiliser, in addition, the application of different quantities of fertiliser are tried; i.e. 100%, 75% and 50% have been applied by PUDAMA and by the conventional system. Our sales partners together with some independent institutes will follow up closely to monitor the plant development and in the end the harvesting results.

Overview of the demo test fields for the PUDAMA system

First feedback and first impressions of field emergence and root development have been promising.

Final results will be presented on Agritechnica!