Kverneland GEOSPREAD

Maximise precision and user friendliness

Kverneland GEOSPREAD

The Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreader range will be available with an updated design and new features. At the same time Kverneland is introducing the possibility to use the GEOSPREAD disc spreader range as a front-rear combination. This combination will not only increase the total capacity up to 6000 or 7000 litres, but also the efficiency and accuracy will be increased by spreading two different applications in one pass. This results in saving time and reduces soil damage. The GEOSPREAD spreader fits different types of farms. From smaller dairy farms with grass land with a lot of boundaries, to big arable farms with different crop types. The spreader design focuses on clean-ability and durability to maximise precision and user friendliness.

Spreading is all About Precision
“We have been listening to customers’ input for years, so we understand their needs when taking care of their crops and their business,” explains Linda Segers, Marketing Manager.

“Spreading is all about precision. You want to be sure that the product which is applied is perfectly dispersed, giving value from every granule, even at high driving speed. The Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreader allows users to quick and easily optimise the spreader settings after measuring the actual properties of each batch of fertiliser, instead of the generic fertiliser properties that other spreaders use. This results in a more precise configuration of the GEOSPREAD spreader and leads to a much more precise nutrient distribution and spreading pattern.”

Maximise Precision and Accuracy
The actual properties of each batch of fertiliser are different, even if the name and the brand of the product are the same. Kverneland measures the physical properties of each batch of fertiliser with the shaker box and litre weight to determine the granule size distribution and specific weight (kg/l). With the interactive phone App and website, or AutosetApp on the IsoMatch Tellus terminals, it is easy to find the optimal advice for each type of fertiliser to maximise precision and accuracy in the spreading pattern. With Kverneland, advice can always be found, even if it is a new fertiliser or the name is not in the online database. The result is cost optimisation or saving, better crop quality and increased yield.

Focus on Durability and Clean-ability
Kverneland has put focus on durability and quality to provide a disc spreader that takes care of customers’ businesses: it optimises revenue, decreases costs and improves the soil over the long-term.

To improve the clean-ability of the large machines in the GEOSPREAD range, it is now possible to open the rear bumper for easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance. The new mudguards have a nice design and offer better protection of the spreading disc against water and dirt from the wheels of the tractor.

Using worn out vanes creates the risk of impairing the spreading pattern and potentially losing quality and yield. Therefore, Kverneland is introducing new Duplex lift vanes, which can be ordered with an additional Chromium carbide coating layer. This Chromium carbide layer is an extremely hard and corrosion resistant compound and increases the wear resistance without influence on the spreading quality.

To improve the lifetime under the most heaviest circumstances and with extremely aggressive fertilisers, the central gearbox also received an upgrade. With a different bearing setup and new painting technology, the risk of corrosion and mechanical wearing has been significantly reduced.

The CL GEOSPREAD now comes as standard with 2.5 tonne weigh cells to increase accuracy in weighing and the spreading pattern even more. Another benefit is the reliability and safety during spreading or transport in heavy conditions in combination with maximum weight and driving speed. For user convenience there is also an ExactLine border spreading system available for border spreading on the left hand side.

Nutrition Accuracy
“By using the front-rear spreader combination the nutrition accuracy will be increased by spreading two different fertilisers in one pass. Instead of spreading a blend it is possible to apply two different fertiliser types with different physical properties, both with a correct setting to get a perfect nutrient accuracy and spreading pattern. As a result, there will be an increased yield and more efficient use of the applied fertiliser,” says Pavel Dvořák, Product Application Specialist.

Maximise Capacity
With a spreader in the rear and one in the front there is an increase in capacity and at the same time a perfect weight balance on the tractor. This means that there is less ground pressure, which results in less soil compaction. This is especially helpful, for example, in wet field conditions. In case there is no PTO shaft available at the front of the tractor, the central hydraulic driveline on the GEOSPREAD spreaders can be used. The ExactLine border spreading device can be added on the left and right hand side for spreading borders and headlands.

Increase Efficiency
The different GEOSPREAD models, with different hopper capacities, can be combined in the front and the rear. On the ISOBUS terminal each disc spreader can be selected and the correct setting can easily be entered. Section control will automatically switch on and off sections on both spreaders to minimise overlap. With the Variable Rate Application on all the Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreaders it is possible to automatically adjust the application rate separately from the front and rear spreader. For even more precision MULTIRATE applies multiple rates within a working width, independently from the front and rear spreader.

Connectivity and Variable Rate Application
With features such as Variable Rate Application and MULTIRATE, crop quality can be improved by using application or prescription maps to spread the right amount in the right place. Save time and get a better business insight with IsoMatch FarmCentre. Create, send and receive spreader data via the Cloud and store it safely and easily to make data (task) management easier.

Prepared for the Future
As from January 2023 the Exacta TL GEOSPREAD iDC (intelligent Disc Control) will be available in combination with a completely new user interface which is easy to use. The iDC model offers the next step in precision spreading, especially in border spreading. The need for border spreading is increasing due to larger working widths and restrictions in legislation. The iDC has a different RPM speed on the left and right hand side disc. This means that the outer disc can be reduced to an optimal speed for border spreading and the speed of the inner disc is optimised for full field spreading. The modern interface on the terminal has an easy navigation structure with an intuitive and logical layout and guarantees maximum user friendliness. New features include: pre-sets to save different fertiliser types, easy filling mode including limit warning, easier service and diagnostics and support of a digital electronic spirit level to be able to level the spreader with the hydraulic top link from the tractor cab. With this new interface, operators will be fully prepared for the future of spreading.

Technical specifications:





Hopper capacity (l)

1100 – 2450

1500 – 3900

1875 – 3900

Spread width (m)

10 – 33

12 – 54

24 – 45

Output (kg/min)

10 – 320

10 – 320

10 - 320