Exacta Spreaders

The Kverneland disc spreader creates the most precise spreading pattern. As you are able to quickly and easily optimise the spreading pattern to the actual properties of the used batch of fertiliser instead of generic fertiliser properties, the spreading pattern is much more precise than with other disc spreaders.

Kverneland Disc Spreaders

Precision farming is at the core of what we do at Kverneland. And with us precision farming is not only about electronics, it is at the base of everything we do to achieve our goal: to provide you with a disc spreader that takes care of your business: optimise revenue, decrease costs and long-term improvement of your land. 

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The Kverneland disc spreader is the only spreader that allows users to quickly and easily optimise the spreader settings after the actual properties of each batch of fertiliser instead of the generic fertiliser properties that other spreaders use. This allows for a much more precise configuration of the Kverneland disc spreader and leads to a much more precise spreading pattern.

We have been listening to your input for years, so we understand your needs when taking care of your crops and your business.

Physical Properties

Kverneland has been listening to customers’ input for years, so we understand their needs when taking care of their crops and their business. Spreading is all about precision. You want to be sure that the product which is applied is perfectly dispersed, giving value from every granule, even at high driving speed.

The Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreader allows users to quickly and easily optimise the spreader settings after measuring the actual properties of each batch of fertiliser, instead of the generic fertiliser properties that other spreader use. With the phone App, website or AutosetApp it is easily to find the optimal advice for each type of fertiliser.

This results in a more precise configuration of the GEOSPREAD spreader and leads to a much more precise spreading pattern

Learn more about the importance of the fertiliser properties in this video

CentreFlow system

The Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreader range got an updated design around the CentreFlow spreading system for easy setting and adjustment.

To improve the lifetime under the most heavy circumstances and with extremely abrasive fertilisers, the central gearbox also received an upgrade. With a different bearing setup and new painting technology, the risk of corrosion and mechanical wearing has been significantly reduced.

Using worn out vanes creates the risk of affecting the spreading pattern and potentially losing quality and yield. Therefore, Kverneland is introducing new Duplex coated lift vanes, which have an additional Chromium carbide coating layer. The Chromium carbide is an extremely hard and corrosion resistant compound, which is used to treat metal components in order to increase wearing resistance. This Chromium carbide layer increases the wear resistance and has no influence on the spreading quality at all.

No impact, no fragmentation, no dust
Central release point, smooth acceleration and centrifugal force accelerates fertiliser up to disc speed before it reaches the vane.
Accurate spreading pattern
A double overlap spreading pattern gives unrivalled accuracy. The 8 vanes per discs are ensuring a continous flow of fertiliser to the field. This is important for high capacity spreading and forward speed.
Minimal wind influence, maximum tolerance
Flat discs and a horizontal flow of fertiliser give a symmetrical spreading pattern.
Consistent spreading pattern
Eight vanes per disc, eight sectors per revolution give an equal distribution. Double overlap spreading pattern.

Weighing system

The Kverneland CL GEOSPREAD now comes as standard with 2.5 tonne weigh cells to increase accuracy in weighing and the spreading pattern even more. Another benefit is the reliability and safety during spreading or transport in heavy conditions in combination with maximum weight and driving speed. For user convenience there is also an ExactLine border spreading system available for border spreading on the left hand side. It makes it also possible to use the CL GEOSPREAD as a front mounted spreader.

To improve the clean-ability of the large machines in the GEOSPREAD range, it is now possible to open the rear bumper for easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance. The new mudguards have a nice design and offer better protection of the spreading disc against water and dirt from the wheels of the tractor.

The patented electric hopper cover on the large Kverneland spreader range protects the fertiliser from humidity or rain and is easy to operate via the control terminal in the tractor cab.

The Kverneland weighing system with 4 weigh cells is measuring the real weight and has a continuous real time calibration (and not an average). The Kverneland reference sensor in the centre of the frame is compensating and filtering the shocks and bumps and the inclination in all field conditions.

Save costs on fertiliser up to 5% by more exact weighing and a more precise output. Great user comfort by the quick automatic calibration system and the easy cleaning and maintenance of the spreader.

Section Control

From 2023 there will be a complete new user interface available for the TL GEOSPREAD iDC spreader which is easy to use. This modern interface has an easy navigation structure with an intuitive and logical layout and guarantees maximum user friendliness.

New features include:

  • Pre-sets to save different fertiliser types
  • Easy filling mode including limit warning
  • Easier service and diagnostics, and support of a digital electronic spirit level to be able to level the spreader with the hydraulic top link from the tractor cab. With this new interface, operators will be fully prepared for the future of spreading.

The Kverneland GEOSPREAD system is easy to setup and contains one actuator for the dosing system and one actuator for the discharge point which can do real section control with sections of 1 metre with the highest accuracy even switching the sections over the middle from one side is possible. Minimise overlap, avoid stripes, easy to setup, perfect spreading pattern and cost savings up to 15% on fertiliser.

The GEOPOINT automatically starts and stops spreading at the right moment while entering of leaving the headland. Automatic GEOPOINT setting in IsoMatch GEOCONTROL when the AutosetApp on the IsoMatch Tellus is used. Nutrient accuracy will increase, no crop damage or laying crops on headlands and increased yield.

Connectivity & Variable Rate

With features such as Variable Rate Application (1 single rate) and MULTIRATE (up to 8 rates) crop quality can be improved by using application or prescription maps to spread the right amount in the right place. Save time and get a better business insight with IsoMatch FarmCentre. Send and receive spreader data via the Cloud and store it safely and easily to make data (task) management easier.

Learn more about the MULTIRATE feature of applying multiple rates of fertilisers in a working width

Variable Rate Application
All Kverneland weighing spreaders can do as standard automatic Variable Rate Application with 1 single rate per working width (included in the SPREADERcontrol license). VRA is done based on pre-scription maps or online sensors. It is easy accessible for all farmers, will increase nutrient accuracy and save costs on fertiliser.

Kverneland MULTIRATE offers up to 8 reference points and is calculating with an average rate per side based on prescription maps. The benefit is a more accurate nutrient application and increased precision. Spread the right amount in the right place which means at the end improving crop quality and reducing harvesting losses.