INNOVATION from the start

Norway tough stony conditions

To cultivate in Norway has always been a real challenge. Norway offers as little as 2% of arable land. Fields with tough stony conditions, dating back to Ice Age!

Innovation minded
Ole Gabriel Kverneland, aged 25, founded his smithy business in South West Norway, near Stavanger in 1879. Brought up on a farm and educated in agriculture, he subsequently understood all the machinery requirements of farmers. In order to withstand these tough stony soils, he strongly believed in innovation. He improved the steel properties of mouldboards, and over the years, Kverneland succeeded in manufacturing robust ploughs.

High-strength steels
In the 1950ies, Bjørn Kverneland had already developed a unique expertise in material technology during his studies and working experience in Germany. Back to Norway as Technical Director for Kverneland, he pioneered substantial investments for the factory to produce high-strength steels.

Unsurpassed results
More than 130 years of experience in developing special steels and heat treatment processes have resulted in unsurpassed plough strength and resistant wear parts.

“Kverneland steel Technology” is unique.