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Diving into our historic material, we came upon some interesting stories that we would like to share with you. 

Although we want this 140 years anniversary to be about celebrating all of our collaborations, loyalty and dedication from our customers, dealers, importers, employees and suppliers – it is also about our 140 year long history. Presented in pictures, we give you some fun facts that you might did not know about the Kverneland adventure. 

The Blacksmith


The history of Kverneland Group dates back to 1879 when the founder, Ole Gabriel Kverneland, built his small forge in the village of Kvernaland, 25 km outside of Stavanger, Norway. He named his business "O.G. Kvernelands Fabrik" and started to manufacture scythes.


Director's chair

O G Kverneland 1_Director 1879_1941_1000px

O. G. Kverneland 

OG Kverneland 2_Director 1941-1964

O. G. Kverneland Director 1941-1964

O G Kverneland 3_Director 1964-1980-1000px

O.G. Kverneland Director 1964-1980

Kverneland Group was a family business for its first 100 years. The company was headed by just three people, all with the name Ole Gabriel Kverneland. 


First Ploughs & Harrows


The expansion in 1895 made the business a specialist factory for agricultural implements such as ploughs, harrows, scythes and sickles. Single-furrow horse ploughs for the Norwegian market soon accounted for most of Kvernelands Fabrikk’s turnover. Larger teams of horses were a consequence of mechanisation in agriculture. 

The Ambassador


Norwegian World Ploughing

The Norwegian World Ploughing Champion Hans Sylling on the tractor, while Arne Sandkleiva watches closely. Sylling was employed as a travelling inspector in the 1960s– an “ambassador” that drove all over Europe.

New Klepp factory


The new factory in Klepp was a big leap forward in the company's development. The capacity of the old factory area in Kvernaland was full to bursting, and the new building was developed on a modular principle with a number of new halls added in the period 1962-75. In 1964 Kvernelands Fabrikk A/S relocated the Plough factory to Klepp. Read more about today's Competence Center for Plough equipment in Klepp.  

The Famous Reversible Plough


The Reversible Plough of 1972 – a turning point which ensured continued growth and exports for the Jæren plough factory. Because of the double set of plough bottoms, these ploughs were normally heavy. One advantage of the Kverneland plough was the cavities, making it lighter in weight. Click here to read more about our current Kverneland Plough range. 

Women into the industry 


Operator Jorunn Hadland. The expansion of the oil industry in Norway in the 1970s created pressure in the labour market in the Stavanger district and was instrumental in opening up traditionally male-dominated industries like iron and metal to a greater number of women. 

Grass implements into to portfolio


Year is 1986 and Underhaugs Fabrikk in Nærbø, Norway, merges with Kverneland A/S. Grass implements are again added to the Kverneland program.

The Taarup brand


Takeover of Taarup Maskinfabrik leads to further build-up of Grass product area in 1993. Today, all previous Taarup grass machines produced by Kverneland Group, are sold under the brand name Kverneland. Click here to learn more about this range

Seeding equipment complementing the Kverneland arable range


KV iXter Range PL.jpg

In 1996 the German seeding machine manufacturer Accord is incorporated into Kverneland Group. Seeding machines again on the program. 

Kverneland leading machine brand in ISOBUS technology


Since the late 90s, Kverneland is strongly investing in the development of smart/precision farming technology for implements, all aimed to make the practice of farming more easy, accurate and controlled when it comes to the growing of crops and raising livestock. Our key basis component is the ISOBUS technology on the Kverneland implements and IsoMatch terminals to make use of information technology such as GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, robotics, variable rate technology, automated hardware, telematics, and software. The Smart/Precision Farming offering of Kverneland is ‘tagged’ with the iM FARMING communication concept, explaining the farming benefits in terms efficiency and comfort of use. 

New ownership of Kverneland Group 


Kubota Corporation acquires Kverneland Group and takes full ownership in May 2012. Kverneland Group continues as the implement specialist within the Kubota Group of companies, continuing to development of Kverneland machine sales worldwide.

Kverneland FastBale - a revolutionary innovation


In 2012 Kverneland Group acquires full control of Gallignani s.p.a., baler manufacturing company based in northern part of Italy. New company name of the Baler Competence Centre is Kverneland Group Ravenna S.r.l. Here Kverneland produces its own developed Baler and Wrapper range. The Kverneland FastBale Non-stop bale wrapper combination is one of the latest revolutionary innovations. Click here to learn more about this range

Smart Farming Cultivator


In 2017 Kverneland launches the Smart Farming Cultivator Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller at Agritechnica exhibition, Germany. The Turbo i-Tiller offers on-the-move traction and depth control, as well as new dynamic functions directly from the cab thanks to the Isobus technology. Click here to learn more about Kverneland’s cultivator range.

140 years of Farming Innovation


In 2019 Kverneland is celebrating its 140th anniversary. A historical milestone for the product brand, as well as the company Kverneland Group. An international success story that started in a small blacksmith in Kvarnaland, Norway in 1879. Today Kverneland has grown into a leading supplier of innovative agricultural machinery and services.

(Source; Growth, Kverneland Group)