Kverneland DTX

One pass preparation – versatile and cost-effective

Kverneland DTX

As a result of growing farms and shorter weather  periods, time has become a valuable factor. Therefore, the DTX combines different operations in one pass to save time.

Designed as a mounted one-pass stubble incorporator/soil loosener for tractors in the 200-360hp range, the DTX is extremely versatile. It can be used for first entry with non-inversion tillage or to knock down ploughing whilst loosening down to 40cm. It is also ideally suited to establish oilseed rape straight into stubble as it leaves a very levelled, fine and consolidated seedbed. The DTX also offers very good trash clearance. The front tines are staggered and the rear discs allow a full cut and mix from 2 to 10cm deep.

The Kverneland DTX combines the tines (Pro-Lift or LD) with the proven disc section of the short disc harrow Qualidisc Farmer (Ø 520mm). Soil can be loosened with the Pro-Lift or LD tines down to 40cm while the top soil layer up to 10cm is incorporated with the disc sections. Tines and disc segment as well as the roller DD600 are connected in a high quality frame box which allows the operation even in heavy conditions. The DTX is equipped with side deflectors which are well-known from the Qualidisc range. This ensure perfect levelling in all types of conditions

The Advantages:

  • Long durability
  • Low power requirement
  • Improved trash flow
  • Deep loosening
  • Respecting the soil structure

Model  DTX 300 SB (Shearbolt) DTX 300 AR (Auto-reset)
Working width (m) 3.00 3.00
Frame size (mm) 180 x 180 x 10 180 x 180 x 10
No of tines  5 5
Tine spacing (cm) 60 60
Average power requirement (HP) 200 - 300 200 - 300
Max. power requirement (HP) 350 350
Weight (kg) 2,750 2,970

Kverneland DTX cultivator presentation

Pro Lift leg and wing operations

Disc assemblies

DD packer roller

DTX - Tines

Pro-lift tines

The Pro-Lift tine and point provide a very effective soil conditioning action with prolonged wear rates. The DTX proposes 2 different tine options: shear-bolt or autoreset

version. On models with hydraulic auto-reset, the point pressure can easily be adjusted from 1700kg to 2925kg for the hardest soils.


Low Disturbance tines (LD)

LD (Low Disturbance) tines reduce the impact on the different layers without smearing at depth. The soil flow closes directly behind the tine. The tip is protected by carbide to extend the life time.

DTX - Rear rollers

Effective consolidation plays a key role in combating the problem of compaction, which is a barrier to root growth and water infiltration and a major factor in poor soil structure leading to run-off and erosion.

Double Disc DD Roller - ø 600mm

  • Positive depth control
  • High quality corrugated for a weatherproof surface
  • Heavy-duty scrapers and sealed-for-life ‘non-grease’ bearings

Actipack ø560mm - 205 kg/m

  • Especially on medium to heavy soils
  • Suitable also for wet, stony and sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives
  • Optimal clod breakdown and fine seedbed preparation by the cutting discs and adjustable knives


Actipress Twin ø560mm - 220kg/m 

  • U-profile for high carrying /rolling capacity on light soils
  • Clod breaking also in heavy conditions
  • Possibility to make different soil profiles by locking the rocking (even or corrogated)
  • Self-cleaning effect thanks to the twin u-ring concept
  • High stability thanks to the oscillating frame
  • High and homogenous consolidation
  • Can also work in stony conditions
  • Weight/m when full of soil : 250 kg/m