SpotSpray – For Optimal Crop Protection, Also During the Night

Variable Rate Application (VRA) has been used already for several years to adapt the application rate of a seeder, spreader or sprayer to specific areas in the field. VRA prescription maps can be created based on pictures from a drone or plane or satellite images (e.g. MyDataPlant). More precise application and environmental protection is required more and more by local governments and legislation.

SpotSpray – For Optimal Crop Protection, Also During the Night

Kverneland is going one step further with the SpotSpray application which is based on prescription maps with zero application rates.

With SpotSpray costs can be saved by reducing the spray liquid to be used and preserve healthy crop from unnecessary treatment. This also means less crop damage.

Based on a predefined prescription map, that can be made in a similar way as the VRA map, the sprayer shuts on and off. This is done based on the predefined sections in the control terminal and can even be done with normal section valves on the sprayer. Only designated spots are sprayed, which is particularly helpful when targeting weed spots, thistles, wet areas, non-germinated areas and areas with soil problems.

Another benefit is that based on the area of the spots in the VRA map, it is easy to see exactly how much spray liquid is required in the sprayer. Capacity is also increased as more hectares or fields can be covered with one tank of spray liquid.

With a relatively small investment in the SpotSpray license on the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, the return on investment is high, due to saving time and money. With this, spot spraying becomes accessible for all famers and contractors.