Kvernelands Rotago F power harrow with f-drill CB F

New generation power harrows with new coulter bar – flexible and efficient in combination 

Kvernelands Rotago F power harrow with f-drill CB F

Efficient seedbed preparation is needed for healthy plant growth as the basis for yield and profit, as well as for a safe food production. The need for more sustainable practices and the economic pressure have driven the development of next generation technologies.

With the new ROTAGO F, Kverneland introduces a power harrow in basic or ISOBUS version. Both versions offer levelling bar and working depth adjustment on the go. The Kverneland engineers designed the complete machine concept from scratch to be ready for all future farming concepts and challenges. The Kverneland ROTAGO F is available in working widths from 4m to 6m folding.

Kvernelands Rotago F power harrow with coulter bar f-drill CB F - flexible and efficient in combination

The ROTAGO F can be used in solo operation or as seeding combination with the coulter bar f-drill CB F and front hopper f-drill as one pass operation system. The coulter bar can be coupled or uncoupled quickly, allowing the power harrow also to be used solo.

For better load balance, extra stability and legal road transport, a supporting wheel is available which can be mounted on the power harrow or to the coulter bar. No uncoupling of the top linkage is needed. The constant supporting force on the wheel ensures smooth run and increase driver’s safety and comfort.

South of Stenungsund, Anrås Gård is run, so far as a leasehold, by Pontus and Mathilda Sandén. The milking parlour, with a tied-up system of short stalls and tube milking, was rebuilt after a fire in 1994 and has room for 55 yearling cows and recruitment. On a nearby farm that the couple also leases, there is a stable with room for 120 bulls that are raised for slaughter. These are partly the farm's own dairy bulls and partly bulls that are bought half a year old in the autumn and sent for slaughter about a year later.

Confidence with Kverneland

Pontus and Mathilda Sandén believe in a future in agriculture. The planning of a new stable with robotic milking and a substantial increase in the numbe...