Our mission at Kverneland is to provide user-friendly smart farming solutions. We know that fully connected, digitalized, and data-driven farming is not a prediction – it’s a reality. If you would like to test its benefits for yourself, we are here to meet your needs. 


Kverneland introduces the all-in-one connected farming package, which is a risk-free way to get you started. With this special benefit-packed offer, you get all the tools you need to stay connected for two years. This includes:

  • IsoMatch FarmCentre license
  • Agrirouter®
  • 90 working days of MyDataPlant® - 5 fields and  15 prescription maps
  • SIM Card and 4G Dongle
  • Unlimited data

Kverneland has developed its own IsoMatch FarmCentre – a platform for machinery optimization and fleet management, suitable for all ISOBUS machines. Here is why you should consider getting connected: if you’re a Kverneland ISOBUS implement and IsoMatch Tellus terminal owner, you have already entered the world of precision farming, and we know that you mean business. Then why would you manage your field by relying on intuition or what you can see instead of a full data-based overview? To provide better control over your operation, the terminal becomes the gateway that connects machines to the cloud. This allows your device to manage the fleet in real-time, send and receive tasks from the implements, receive alerts and analyze the collected data in pre-defined reports. All these features are included in a fully integrated and easy-to-use platform that works with any smart device of your choice.

The 2-year IsoMarch FarmCentre package is worth € 2,161, but for a limited time only we offer it for € 499 - and that’s not the end of it. Once you are successfully connected, we will reward you for taking this important step! You will receive a cash reward of € 500, which can be spent on spare parts or machinery. This way you will be able to spend what you invested on further development of your fleet. And you will stay connected for the remaining time, no strings attached.

Ask your dealer for more information!