Precision seeding at its best

Increase efficiency to overcome time pressure

Precision seeding at its best

In spring, during the season for precision seeding, professional farmers and contractors are facing extremely tough time pressure. Due to changing weather conditions, the time slots for sowing maize are becoming shorter and shorter. Utmost efficiency is, therefore, key! High speed seeding and minimised set up time of the machine do the trick.


“Manually filling up all individual seed hoppers of your precision seed drill is rather time consuming. The new central seed hopper on the Optima TFprofi will considerably reduce the set-up time and, thus, increase your performance”, Constantin Homann, Product Manager for precision seed drills, explains. “In combination with Kverneland SX high-speed sowing units, the Optima TFprofi will support farmers and contractors to get the job done fast.”

With a capacity of 870 litres, the central pressurised hopper offers 390 litres more volume than the eight individual SX row hoppers of 60 litres each.

Moreover, filling the central hopper with big bags is convenient and quick.