Kverneland Product Range Brochure 2021

Choose the best farming solution for you and your land. Combine the highest possible yields with sustainability. This will start with the correct tillage. The choices you make depend on various factors and have to match your specific circumstances, like soil structure, crop rotation, residue management, economic and ecological viabilities.

Kverneland Product Range Brochure 2021

Realising the full potential of farming is about growing and developing your business, not only your crop or livestock, but also your profit. Improve productivity and profitability by focusing on the positives and minimising disadvantageous aspects, through strong, dedicated management.

Success springs from determination and clear targets, from laying down the appropriate strategy and allocating correct investments for the future. Quality results require the right ideas and equipment. When there is work to be done, you need the optimal setup and smart solutions that support you towards an easier, more profitable way of working. You need solutions that make tough and demanding conditions less complicated.

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South of Stenungsund, Anrås Gård is run, so far as a leasehold, by Pontus and Mathilda Sandén. The milking parlour, with a tied-up system of short stalls and tube milking, was rebuilt after a fire in 1994 and has room for 55 yearling cows and recruitment. On a nearby farm that the couple also leases, there is a stable with room for 120 bulls that are raised for slaughter. These are partly the farm's own dairy bulls and partly bulls that are bought half a year old in the autumn and sent for slaughter about a year later.

Confidence with Kverneland

Pontus and Mathilda Sandén believe in a future in agriculture. The planning of a new stable with robotic milking and a substantial increase in the numbe...