Precision and efficiency for immediate payback

The more precisely and evenly sugar beet is sown, the easier it is to work and harvest, and the greater is the possible yield.

Precision and efficiency for immediate payback

Precision seeding with GPS, GEOCONTROL and GEOSEED in combination with the Monopill e-drive II is a major step towards precision and cost saving. These machines are all equipped with ISOBUS technology which, with the help of the IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminal, can be easily controlled.

As innovative supplier of agricultural implements, Kverneland Group profiles itself as leading company in the field of electronic steering systems.

Precise seeding with GEOCONTROL & GEOSEED

GEOCONTROL – cost saving with immediate payback

Each electric driven seeding element, in combination with GPS and GEOCONTROL, is automatically switched on or off at exactly the right place, ensuring there is no overlapping or gap. This is especially handy in triangular fields, on curved or irregular shaped headlands. You can also continue seeding at night since the switching on/off of the seed elements is fully reliable.

GEOSEED – Precision at high end

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GEOSEED Level 1 is the synchronization within the working width of the Monopill e-drive II and allows seed placement up to perfection in parallel and diamond pattern. Positive effects are the best use of nutrients, water and sun. Moreover, the risk of wind and water erosion is decreased.

GEOSEED Level 2 supported by RTK GPS is the synchronization beyond the working width of the machine over the whole field. This offers the option for mechanical weed control also across the seeding direction. 

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