Kverneland Actipress twin roller

For perfect reconsolidation

Kverneland Actipress twin roller

The new roller on Kverneland cultivators is the right choice for all conditions especially with light and fluffy soils

KV_Actipress Twin_01

Reconsolidation of the soil is very important to ensure a good seed-to-soil contact for a speedy germination of volunteer seeds in all conditions.

“Exactly these features have been the main points on the list of requirement for the Actipress Twin,” Guillaume Hulin, plant manager of Kverneland Les Landes Génusson explains. “The U-ring profile of the Actipress Twin applies an average of 230 kg/m when not filled with soil, and even up to 280 kg/m when it is full of soil.”

Dedicated to all types of soil

The Kverneland Actipress Twin is made to carry the heaviest machine weights on all soil types, but especially from light to medium soils where the rolling effect is enhanced by the friction between the roller and the soil. The U-ring profile gets filled with soils that promote the rotation soil against soil.

Following the ground contour

The Actipress Twin perfectly follows the ground contour, oscillating by +/- 11° front and rear. Thus the pressure on front and rear rings are always the same whatever the soil profile is, providing a constant high rolling capacity.

15. April 2019