Increased benefits for operator and environment


Cultivation is an intensive job that requires power to move and mix the soil properly. A nice finish with a perfect levelled soil is required for the following steps of soil preparation which finally ensure perfect seed growth. Weather and soil conditions vary. Therefore, the cultivator needs to be of great flexibility and capacity to finish the job in the best efficient way for driver, environment and costs.

Stubble Cultivators - Turbo T i-Tiller providing high quality and solid output on the field during operation

The Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller has been designed to provide the best working quality with the highest output, whilst ensuring the lowest costs of operation. For that reason, the depth- and levelling adjustments are directly controlled from the tractor cab by the ISOBUS terminal. In addition, the depth adjustment is linked with the On-The-Go Dynamic Traction Control to save fuel. An automatic overload protection called Auto-Protect protects the frame of the machine. Downtime is a word from yesterday!

Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller with On-The-Go Dynamic Traction Control - more benefits for operator and environment

The Dynamic Traction Control and Auto-Depth for depth & levelling adjustment of the Turbo T i-Tiller save time and increase the working speed.

The working depth of the machine and the height of the levelling equipment are easily adjusted by pressing a button on the terminal. Automatically the Smart System of theTurbo T i-Tiller starts to set up all hydraulic cylinders! A front/rear depth adjustment can be done at any time and on the move depending on soil conditions.

Tractor and cultivator achieve most positive synergy: fuel consumption is reduced and additional weight on the tractor is avoided. The On-The-Go Dynamic Traction Control transfers weight from the front gauge wheels to the tractor coupling in order to give more grip and traction to the tractor. In hilly conditions, the pressure is constantly adjusted to maintain always the selected pressure. The result is less fuel consumption, less wearing of the tires by slipping control and a better soil structure by avoiding compactions.


The overload protection system Auto-Protect reacts on obstacles or lateral forces (right/left or both together). The Smart System lifts up the machine if values excess a specific significant level e.g. if the operator misjudges the affected forces on the machine or misuses it by turning the machine without lifting or over reaching the highest pulling force. This guarantees a longer lifetime and a better second-hand value.

The Smart Systems Dynamic Traction Control and Auto-Depth help the operator to steer the Turbo T i-Tiller at optimized speed and adjustment. Additional information like hour and ha counter can be used for the documentation, too.

Finally, the Smart System of the Turbo T i-Tiller saves fuel, increases the comfort for the operator, extends the durability of the machine and protects the environment by avoiding soil compactions.

4. March 2019