New Line of Front Mounted Mower Conditioners from Kverneland

The all-new range of front mounted mower conditioners from Kverneland brings new productivity features to its line of 3300 series mower conditioners. It is the ideal blend of accurate suspension concept and new operator friendly features.

Upgrade Your Mowing Performance

Productivity is directly affected by operator comfort, which is why the new 3300 series is packed with new operator friendly features. With a complete package of models and variants to choose from, 3.2 or 3.6m working width, steel tine conditioning or rubber rollers, there is a wide variety of models suiting any efficient combination.


The Kverneland 3332FT and 3336FT are equipped with the latest Kverneland conditioner technology. In addition to the very durable Kverneland SemiSwing steel tines, these mowers also feature dual adjustment of conditioner plate, a feature transferred from the recently introduced Kverneland 3300MT rear mounted mower conditioners.

The conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to provide full adaptability of the conditioner to crop intensity. When mowing high and intensive first cut crop you can chose to open up completely at the front and rear end, to allow the massive amount of material to pass through without blockages.

Another productivity enhancing feature is the new built-in, guided swath plates. Changing from spreading to swathing or adjusting the swath width to crop conditions is done in seconds. The swath plates automatically expand when being slid inwards, to support efficient and accurate swathing and there is no need to dismount them to achieve full width spreading.


Beyond Operator Comfort

The Kverneland 3300F series features a host of new improvements to bring operator comfort to a higher level. The complete mower is designed for easy servicing and the low maintenance PTO shaft only requires one seasonal greasing.

To make routine maintenance and daily inspection checks quick and efficient, the design of the front hood has improved, allowing complete access to the cutterbar. When lifted up, the front plate stays in position by a hydraulic damper.

With the new one touch parking handle, you only need to operate one handle to lock and prepare the machine for dismounting. Easy and efficient. The new parking foot is easily activated and keeps the mower in a level position when parked – ready for quick remounting.


3.2m model available with SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioner

3.6m model available with SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioner

3. September 2018