New Plough Wheel

Increased ploughing capacity with the New frame-mounted depth double wheel from Kverneland

New Plough Wheel

Kverneland new frame-mounted depth wheel enables ploughing closer to hedges, fences, obstacles generally speaking, thanks to its ideal position. More land can hence be ploughed.  

Kverneland wheel FMD

Higher Output
Some field conditions require that the wheel be positioned within the working width of the plough. This new Kverneland wheel is fixed on the body before last and allows a working width from 16” onwards. It is therefore easier to plough closer to obstacles without any risk. More land gets ploughed.

Minimum wear and maintenance
The principle of this design enables the 2 wheels to be placed on both sides of the plough main frame at any time. Compared to a single wheel, there is no need for clearance during the turn over, neither for dampers nor for shock absorbers. Less movement and less parts lead to a minimum wear and maintenance.

Kverneland tandem wheel

Extra comfort and efficiency
Compared to other existing frame-mounted depth wheels available on the market, the new Kverneland tandem wheel is positioned on the rear part of the plough. This ensures a close to optimum weight transfer to the tractor, which is necessary for excellent ploughing results. This specific position allows a smooth reversal of the plough for extra comfort to the tractor driver.


Smart simple adjustments
The depth adjustments are easily carried out by steps of 19mm, manually. Depth can be adjusted from 12-30 cm (low beam) and 12-35 cm (high beam).

Adapted to soil conditions
The wheel is available in 2 versions: steel or rubber.

Dimensions are:

  • rubber wheel 18x8.50-8
  • steel wheel 400x25

The new Kverneland frame-mounted depth wheel is available from February 1st , 2015.

  • They are suitable to the following Kverneland ploughs :
  • Kv 150 B
  • Kv 150 B Variomat
  • Kv 150 S
  • ES
  • LS

Kverneland makes soil preparation more efficient and more profitable.

19. January 2015