New Four Rotor Rake from Kverneland

New Four Rotor Rake from Kverneland Masters Productivity and Simplicity with its’ New Intuitive Design

New Four Rotor Rake from Kverneland

The all new Kverneland 94125 C is designed to make lighter work of tough conditions and is boosting raking capacity with its’ 12.5m working width. It masters high capacity and easy operation by focusing on the elements that really matter.

Achieve More with Less
The Kverneland 94125 C is designed with uncomplicated work days in mind. Forget about sophisticated sensors and control functions, the Kverneland 94125 C is designed around the operator with simplicity in mind, focusing on the elements that adds real value.

Hydraulic Adjustment of Working and Swath Width
Being able to accurately feed the machine that follows and keep up efficiency of the complete harvesting system is an essential part of the raking job. With its’ impressive capacity of 12.5m working width and the possibility to adjust both working and swath width the Kverneland 94125 C is designed to boost the complete process of collection and pick-up. The hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width allows you to customize swath intensity and width to the capacity of the following machine. Directly handled and controlled from the tractor seat.

More Uptime with 4m Transport Height
And the Kverneland 94125 C leaves no reasons for wasting time, not even when moving from field to field. Just raise the rotors and off you go, securely below 4m transport height – no need to leave the tractor for removing tine arms. For storage all tines arms are detachable, to allow a storage height as low as 3.45m.

Three-Dimensional Ground Adaptation
The TerraLink Quattro system has become a true legend related to accurate ground followings, paramount to avoid dirt in the swath - especially in uneven field conditions. It is a rather simple, yet unique system providing excellent 3-dimensional adaption to ground contours. In addition it is absolutely maintenance- and wear-free.


26. October 2015