Kverneland 9670 S Vario – 9670 S Evo, double rotor Rakes

CompactLine side delivery rake with 6.65 - 7,85 m working width

Flexibility, Comfort and Quality

The new Kverneland 9670S Evo + Vario, a carried side delivery rake, delivers flexibility in raking, more comfort in operating and higher quality of forage due to the new TerraLink Plus cardanic rotor attachment.

Flexibility in raking

Due to the side delivery this new model is offering a high flexibility. With the special rotor set up of having a smaller rotor in the back, larger areas can be raked into one row. The different diameter prevents rolling and wrapping as much as possible. This secures that following machines can always run on maximum capacity.

With the Vario the flexibility increase as two swaths can be placed, either for small balers in high crop volume or for night swaths to increase hay quality.

More comfort in operation is delivered by:

  • comfortable connecting of the machine
  • automatic folding of the swath board
  • optional hydraulic transport locking
  • standard 380/55-17 wheels securing a ground protecting operation
  • Improved steering that gives you better maneuverability in the field.
  • options like tandem axles support customizing the machine for individual requirements

Higher Quality of forage

With the updated feature “Terralink PLUS”, the cardanic rotor attachment benefits with a further advanced ground adaptation supported by the “Touch-Down-Effect”.

The Advantages:

  • 9670S Evo working width of 6.65m
  • 9670S Vario with working widths of 6.65 or 7.85m
  • Vario execution with the option of placing two smaller swaths (7.85m working width).
  • CompactLine maintenance-friendly gearbox.
  • TerraLink Quattro PLUS for perfect ground followings
  • Active wheel steering with 80° turning angle for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Generous overlapping of the two rotors leaving no crop behind.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width No of Tine Arms Weight
9670S Evo 6.65m 11/12 2240kg
9670S Vario 6.65/7.85m 11/12 2300kg

CompactLine Gearbox

  • The Kverneland CompactLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs and guide rollers.
  • Tine arm bearings are fully lubricated, and hence absolutely maintenance-free.
  • High-tensile tine arm holders and two bearings on either side of the driveshaft, provide the compact unit with strength and dependability.
  • Kverneland-developed cam tracks are specifically tailored to individual rotor diameters, for optimum raking at any working width and on any model.


  • The rear carrier frame with controlled steering facility allows tight turns on headlands and loss free swathing, even in awkwardly shaped fields.
  • Even if the rotors are lifted on a steep slope, the steering system reliably counteracts any deviation.
  • The ability to make sharp turns up to 80° and the cross stabilizer in the headstock are unique Kverneland features.

TerraLink PLUS

With the updated feature “Terralink PLUS”, the cardanic rotor attachment benefits with a further advanced ground adaptation supported by the “Touch-Down-Effect”.

This PLUS on advanced ground adaptation delivers more flexibility with 8° more movement possibility, which leads to more precision and with that consequently a Plus for the forage quality.

The Touch-Down-Effect, comparable to an airplane’s approach angle of its landing chassis, ensures a smooth and clean raking, but also avoids with lifting to a ground clearance of around 500 mm that swaths on headlands are being damaged.

2 Swath Options

  • It is possble to collect either one large swath or two smaller swaths.
  • Both 9471 S models can place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up  to 12.50m crop to be gathered into one swath.
  • 9670S Vario can also place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up to 13.0 m crop to be gathered into one swath.
  • It is also possible to place two small night swaths for hay crops.

Automatic Swath Board

Automatic foldable swath board

  • Gravity folding, no hydraulic required
  • Swath board can stay in adjusted position (swath width)
  • If swath board is not used, parking stand can be folded up
  • Parking stand secures that the rotor keeps the parallel touch down
  • Front swath board standard on Vario, can be taken of if not needed.

New Options and Features

  • 380 mm transport wheels
  • Comfortable storing solution for Hydraulics and PTO
  • New massive parking stand, save positioning in all conditions
  • Mud guards for transport wheels
  • Optional Automatic transport locking
  • Optional tandem axle (on rear and front rotor)