Generations of ploughing

Generations of ploughing

For most farmers, ploughing is serious business. To be trusted as a manufacturer you have to deliver something that fulfill or even exceed their expectations. In Sweden, Kverneland ploughs are the first choice for many farmers. The farmers of today uses Kverneland ploughs, just like their parents and grandparents did before them.

We had a talk with three different farmers in Sweden, and listened to their experience with Kverneland. Hans Nilsson-Green, cattle farmer, mention that they started with their first conventional 3-furrow plough around 1970. Over the years, the ploughs grew to be a 4-furrow, and now a 5-furrow Kverneland plough is part of their business.

Experienced ploughman and dairy farmer Åke Uhlin remembers when he bought his first Kverneland plough. 
- All the Kverneland ploughs have been fantastic. I started in 1967 with Hydrein Kverneland and ever since then it has been Kverneland.

Kverneland Fabrikk vintage sticker

Entrepreneur Lars Anders Hermansson tells us that his grandfather bought a Kverneland plough in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Since then it has been nothing but Kverneland ploughs on the farm.

- We have been committed to Kvernelands ploughs and they have served us well, he says.

We want to use the opportunity to say thank you to all the farmers out there that has been part of Kverneland for 140 years, through generations. We are humble to have such trust among the farmers. Because ploughing is serious business, and Kverneland is serious about ploughing.

October 21, 2019