Ploughing Equipment

The design of a Kverneland plough combined to the specific heat treatments of each and every part ensures low running cost. Easy to lift, easy to pull for a low fuel consumption; optimised low wearing of parts. High performance Kverneland innovations and design of plough parts enable a quick set up and adjustments for the perfect ploughed field. Robust developed over 140 years, the Kverneland Steel Technology remains unsurpassed within the plough industry. It guarantees extra robustness for extra life time to the plough. Economic to run.

Reversible Mounted Ploughs Reversible Semi-Mounted Ploughs Conventional Ploughs Packers

Soil Equipment

Performance and reliability equals perfect soil preparation!

Seedbed Cultivators Stubble Cultivators Subsoilers Strip-tiller Disc Harrows Power Harrows Rollers Packers
FHP+ FRO _(11)

Chopper Equipment

Kverneland Choppers are compact and heavy duty machines for demanding jobs in all farming conditions. Suitable for various tractor types and working widths.


Seeding Equipment

Perfect seeding for a great variety of crops with optimum seed distribution and seed placement.

Pneumatic seed drills Integrated seeding combinations Mechanical precision drills Pneumatic precision drills Vegetable precision drills Other seed drills

Spreading Equipment

Kverneland Exacta. The disc spreader range to fulfil your requirements. View our spreading charts for exact advice for each Kverneland spreader at any working width, application rate or driving speed.

Disc Spreaders

Spraying Equipment

A complete range of high tech front mounted, mounted and trailed and self propelled field sprayers.

Front mounted spray equipment Mounted Sprayers Trailed Sprayers Self Propelled Sprayers

Forage Equipment

The extensive Kverneland forage range covers the entire value chain within feed production including Mowers, Tedders and Rakes

Mowers Tedders Rakes

Bale Equipment

Kverneland Fixed Chamber, Variable Chamber balers in addition to Baler - Wrapper combinations 

Fixed Chamber round balers Variable Chamber round balers Fixed Chamber Baler-Wrapper combinations Variable Chamber Baler-Wrapper combinations Round Bale Wrappers

Feeding Equipment

The range of Kverneland feeding equipment covers bale choppers; including Mounted and Trailed bale choppers

Bale Choppers - Feeders

Precision Farming Solutions

iM FARMING is Kverneland Group’s ”umbrella” communication concept, covering our offering of electronic solutions combined with Kverneland Group’s implements, either Kverneland or Vicon branded. 

iM FARMING IsoMatch Products ISOBUS iM Calculator