Efficient ploughing, deep to shallow, even with large tractor tires


Kverneland is known worldwide for high ploughing performance. The Kverneland bodies play an essential part in this well established reputation. Some Kverneland plough bodies are designed for specific soil conditions while the latest Body No 38 is versatile. Farmers and contractors call it : “The all rounder”.

From shallow to deep
Kverneland Body 38 is a high and wide body that enables ploughing from shallow to deep (12-35cm).
Soil structures and conditions are often different field to field, season to season. Crops are rotated and require a different ploughing. By being able to adapt the ploughing depth to any soils and plant residues, you achieve the best burial whenever. The organic materials are hence placed in your desired horizon to create the best environment for plant growth.

Varying the ploughing depth year to year also helps avoid a potential pan. The alternative is to use the Kverneland Eco-share. Hence, soils are taken care of.

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Even for wide tyres
Professional farming requires the correct equipment. Tractors are bigger and tyres get larger. Many use 710mm tyre types. A wide empty furrow is hence required. The long Body 38 creates the necessary empty furrow to ensure the correct burial of residues.

Low pulling forces
The Kverneland steel technology is applied to the complete plough. This process ensures that the Kverneland ploughs are robust and lighter than competition. As a result, Kverneland ploughs require less pulling forces and lifting capacities.
The Kverneland bodies are designed to minimize the pulling forces while enabling high ploughing performance.

Gary Farley (UK) commented "I have just changed to a Kverneland plough. It’s hard to understand just where the improvements have come from – perhaps it’s the No. 28 body or the quality of metal used – but we can now plough three hours extra every day without having to refuel. There is just something about the way the plough handles soil – it really is impressive."
The Cologne University of Applied Sciences (2014) and Wilmsmann (University of Hohenheim, 2013) compared body No 28 to the equivalent from competition. It concluded that the Kverneland body saved 19% to 28% of fuel consumption. Body 38 has the same shape as Body 28, slightly higher.

Pulling Force 1 Pulling force 2

Fuel Consumption 1

Quality ploughing
To prepare land ahead of sugar beet and potatoes, “although we have the option of ploughing on-land, there are times when conditions dictate running in-furrow for better traction, and wide tyres would impact on the front furrow,” and these bigger mouldboards”, ie body 38, “solved the problem immediately. The quality of our ploughing is once again, top-notch,” says Bob working with his brother Philip, family business of 1980 acres, North Walsham-based FJ Clabon and Partners at Rookery Farm, UK.

Kverneland Body 38 offers the best results in medium to heavy soils. In the latter, the soil is firmly packed with all stubble and weeds buried for a rapid residues breakdown.