International Women’s day 2024 – Interview with farm manager Grace Kimonge

My name is Grace Kimonge. I am 33 years old, a graduate from Sokoine University of Agriculture with 8 years working experience in Agricultural industry.

International Women’s day 2024 – Interview with farm manager Grace Kimonge

Our farm is called Farm For the Future. The farm is in Tanzania located in Iringa region, Kilolo district. This part of the region where the farm is located is a semi-arid receiving around 700 mm average rainfall annually. The total area of the farm is 350ha, of which 120ha are under Irrigation and 230ha under rainfed, soils are predominately sandy loam. The major crops at our farm are seed maize, Sugar beans Macadamia, and it has recently started seed potato production. The farm has a range of equipment but also recently invested in new modern farm equipment from Kverneland including Geospread spreader, Kverneland Optima HD 8row planter, 7 tine & Tine with Cage Roller Ripper, Qualidisc Farmer disc Harrow and XAG100 drone. This investment in technology is playing a significant role in increasing productivity to enhancing food security and nutrition.

Our core values are Responsible, Committed and Results oriented, we believe that by living these three core values our farm will increase efficiency in its operation, Productivity as well as being a sustainable farm. Our farm also is providing training to local farmers on good agricultural practices (GAP)

I choose this occupation being driven by my passion to work hands on in the food value chain and precisely in the primary production of food. I was also inspired by my mother who worked very hard in her small farm near our house to fed for me and my siblings when my farther passed on. I managed to complete my university studies through proceeds from farming and declared to myself that this is the right industry for me as my passion is also my livelihood.

My favorite implement is Kverneland Optima HD 8row planter. I am thrilled and amazed by the difference in potential yield compared to previous season before purchasing this implement. This precision planter is clearly a game changer and makes a big difference, on yield as well as production cost for us seed producers.

I feel great, trusted and a sense of equality when I am able to perform all duties previously regarded as for men. I realized that farming can not be limited by gender and there are limitless possibilities in this industry.