Kverneland micro-drill for Monopill and Unicorn

Kverneland micro-drill ensures best supply of nutrients to sugar beet right from the start - now approved by JKI.

Kverneland micro-drill for Monopill and Unicorn

The cultivation of sugar beet requires special care and the right supply of nutrients. In this respect, the application of micro granule and micro fertiliser whilst seeding plays an important role for early crop development, giving the plants a head start to grow into a strong crop.

We are very proud that the Julius Kühn Institute (Institute for Application Techniques in Plant Protection) has extended the approval for the Kverneland micro granule applicator, micro-drill (Reference G 2196). The approval given in the first step for the combination with the Optima now also includes the Kverneland Monopill and Unicorn. (JKI: Application Techniques in Plant Protection (julius-kuehn.de).


Emission control

The advantage for the environment: the granulate falls freely into the seed furrow without air support, minimising the emission of dust and complying with the current guidelines for emission control for any granulates applied.

Each unit of the micro-drill has been designed to supply three sowing units and offers a hopper capacity of 35 liters. It is electrically driven and ISOBUS controlled. The metering device developed in Soest consists of a wear-resistant plastic housing and exchangeable cell wheels made of stainless steel which ensure precise metering of different micro granules. Application rates from 2kg up to 25kg/ha are possible.

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Precision Farming

The comfortable, fully ISOBUS, integrated control system allows the adaption of the stop and start points of the seed row. This ensures precise shutting on and off at the end of the field (without overlaps or faults).

Operator safety

The engineers’ focus has been to increase operator safety by easy and safe handling. Therefore, the operator is able to exchange the cell wheels even when the hoppers are full of granule. There is no need to empty them first, reducing the operator’s risk of being in direct contact with the granules.

The Kverneland micro-drill is available for Monopill e-drive II and Unicorn e-drive II.

Technical data on Kverneland micro-drill with Monopill and Unicorn

Hopper capacity (litres)


Min. application rate (kg/ha)


Max. application rate (kg/ha)


Cell wheels

Different cell wheels in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm width for granule, micro fertilizer and slug pellets

Power requirement

Max. 3A/12V

Electronic system

ISOBUS (GEOCONTROL of the sowing row)

Electronic standard

AEF conform

Weight (w/o granule/fertilizer) kg



14 February 2022