Kverneland iXtrack T4 with HC Spray Boom

HC spray boom – for maximum efficiency, flexibility and capacity

Kverneland iXtrack T4 with HC Spray Boom

The Kverneland iXtrack T4 trailed sprayer with tank capacity up to 4,600 litres, in combination with the vertically folding HC spray boom, is especially developed for vegetable growers and farmers with high demands on flexible working widths and boom reduction to make spraying easier.


For Optimal Boom Performance

The HC spray boom is a multi-functional spray boom with the possibility of one-side spraying and asymmetric and symmetric folding of 3, 4 or 5 boom segments which fits to extreme variable conditions.

The HC spray boom offers multiple folding options for difficult field shapes and conditions, obstacles in the field or special crop types (vegetable farms) which make spraying easier. The parallelogram on the iXtrack T series combines stability with balancing and limited vertical movements. The triangular construction and anti-yaw system of the HC spray boom allow high speed spraying in very difficult conditions. As a result this boom is extremely strong and reliable.


Stay Safe During Work and Transport

The vertical folded HC steel spray boom is available in working widths from 18 – 30 metres. The HC boom has been designed for 100% integration of spray lines and nozzles, for low weight and maximum strength. The specially designed locking system keeps the parallelogram suspended during transport. The HC spray boom in combination with the iXtrack T4 sprayer has a very low centre of gravity and compact dimensions, which are beneficial for easy headland turning, higher working speeds and safe transport. The 2.55m transport width means that even narrow roads and gateways are no obstacle.

Optimal Crop Protection

The HC spray boom comes with a variation in section split of 5, 7, 9 or now also 11 sections or with the Kverneland iXflow-E recirculation system with individual, electric nozzle control. There is a free circulation of spray liquid as spraying stops, which means there is no sedimentation in the spray lines and no dead ends for spraying or cleaning, even when the working width is partially used. During spraying, the spray line is fed from multiple directions supplying constant pressure to each nozzle, so the operator can immediately start spraying at the set pressure. This unique technology is patented by Kverneland.

The Kverneland iXflow-E electrical ball valve features a robust, high quality, electric and stainless steel ball valve that is very reliable. Kverneland’s electrical valves are CANbus/ISOBUS compatible for Section Control (nozzle by nozzle) or for spot spraying.


Simple Control to Boost Your Performance

The innovative iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantees user- friendly operation of the sprayer. For simple control of the sprayer the IsoMatch Grip joystick can be added. 

Connect Yourself to Your Machine

IsoMatch FarmCentre is a fleet management solution and gives the iXtrack T4 an online connection to the internet, creating multiple opportunities for the operator or manager.

17 January 2022