iXtrack T4

New features for environmental protection and increased crop quality. 

iXtrack T4

The world around us is changing every day and nowadays especially, focus is on environmental protection. Kverneland is presenting the iXtrack T4, part of the complete iXtrack T-series, with new features such as the 36/24 metre spray boom, SpotSpray, 25 cm nozzle distance and the next generation Boom Guide ProActive spray height control system. Also existing features like the iXclean Pro cleaning and rinsing system is updated with some useful new attributes. This means the iXtrack T4 offers optimal protection of crops and the environment.

Farmers are depend on nature every day to grow crops and it is part of their business to take care of the environment. With the involvement of different stakeholders like the government, business partners and the community, decisions are made to increase the protection of the environment and the crops. Kverneland supports farmers doing this job with exciting new features on the iXtrack T4 sprayer range.

Precision Spraying – For an Optimal Boom Performance
The 36/24 metre HSS steel boom is a new working width in the spray boom range that is available on the iXtrack T4 series. “This working width is a request from farmers and contractors. In this way they are able to spray at both 24 and 36 metres, depending on the type of farm, field circumstances or specific crop,” says Pavel Dvořák, Product Application Specialist. He continues: “The complete Kverneland HSS spray boom range comes as standard with 50cm nozzle spacing. Additional nozzle holders can be added in order to create 25cm nozzle distance”.

The 25cm nozzle spacing will improve drift reduction, as it is possible to spray closer to the target area at 30cm spray height, by keeping an accurate distribution of spray liquid at the correct level with the correct droplet size. Easy switching from 50 to 25cm nozzle distance means more flexibility during spraying and it creates more time to spray in optimal conditions. In addition, the weather has less of an effect.

Stability – Stay Safe During Work and Transport
Boom balancing is a key factor for farmers. They prefer to work with the highest possible efficiency and reduce drift to a minimum level, which becomes more important when the boom is lowered from 50cm to 30cm. The next generation of Kverneland Boom Guide ProActive automatic boom height control system is the solution for this! Via ultrasonic sensors which control the sprayer hydraulics, it provides a perfect boom guidance in any challenging field conditions, even at higher speeds. The special Hybrid mode not only measures the distance to the plant, it also measures the distance to the soil. Especially when the crop is uneven, a uniform crop is virtually determined.

Liquid Management – Optimal Crop Protection
iXflow-E is a high pressure recirculation system with electric, individual nozzle control. There is a free circulation of spray liquid with a return back to the tank as spraying stops. This means there is no sedimentation in the spray lines and no dead ends for spraying or cleaning, even when the working width is only partially used. During spraying the spray lines are fed from multiple directions supplying constant pressure to each nozzle, so the operator can immediately start spraying at the set pressure. This unique technology is patented by Kverneland. iXflow-E makes use of maintenance free, electric ball valves and are CANbus connected and programmable and ISOBUS compatible for Section Control (nozzle by nozzle) or for spot spraying.

Ease of Use – Suitable For Every Farmer
The Kverneland iXtrack T-series is also fully compatible with the well-known iXclean Pro that now includes new functions. iXclean Pro allows remote switching between all important functions, like filling, agitation, spraying, diluting, priming, rinsing and tank cleaning. iXclean Pro includes a triple cleaning program to ensure that the sprayer is completely clean and ready for the next spray job without any risk of crop damage. All functions can be controlled from the cab’s ISOBUS compatible terminal by a push of a button! New functions are turbo agitation on headland U-turn, easier cleaning of the main tank or automatic functions for double pumps.

Intelligent Electronics – Simple Control to Boost Your Performance
Variable Rate Application (VRA) has been used already for several years to adapt the application rate of a seeder, spreader or sprayer to specific areas in the field. VRA prescription maps can be created based on soil sample maps, pictures from a drone or satellite images (e.g. the in IsoMatch FarmCentre integrated MyDataPlant). More precise application and environmental protection is becoming more important due to governmental rules and legislation. Kverneland is now going one step further with the SpotSpray application on every Kverneland sprayer with iXspray software, which is based on prescription maps with zero application rates.

Based on a predefined prescription map the sprayer shuts on and off in combination with the SpotSpray application. This is done based on the predefined sections in the control terminal and can be done in combination with iXflow-Air or iXflow-E, but even with normal section valves on the sprayer. Only designated spots are sprayed, which is particularly helpful when targeting weed spots, thistles, wet areas, non-germinated areas and areas with soil problems.

With SpotSpray costs can be saved by reducing the spray liquid to be used and preserving healthy crops from unnecessary treatment. This also means less crop damage. Another benefit is that, based on the area of the spots in the VRA map, it is easy to see exactly how much spray liquid is required in the sprayer. Capacity is also increased as more hectares or fields can be covered with one tank of spray liquid.

With a small investment in the SpotSpray license on Kverneland sprayers with iXspray software, the return on investment is high, due to saving time and money. The standard software even allows a 10 hour trial period to test out how it works. With this, spot spraying becomes accessible for all famers and contractors.


SpotSpray to increase environmental protection

Connectivity – Connect Yourself to Your Machine
With the updated version of IsoMatch FarmCentre it is possible to create and remotely send prescription maps and spray tasks of fields, even more in a more user friendly way than before. Additionally Variable Rate Application maps can be created with a ‘zero’ rate that gives the possibility to use the SpotSpray application in a field in a more precise and easy way. By using the SpotSpray application on the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, there is no need for additional investment in valuable camera systems.

Technical specifications:

iXtrack T4

Tank capacity




Spray booms

HSA 21 – 33m / HSS 18 – 40m and 36/24m / HC 18 – 30m


Top- or hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye or ball coupling

Wheel axle

Adjustable, 1.50 – 2.25m


200 – 260 – 2x 200 – 2x 260 l/min

Clean water tank


Regulation system

IsoMatch Grip in combination with IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS terminal


iXclean Comfort – iXclean Pro