iM FARMING Calculator

We are currently living in a bit of a whirlwind and costs are raising quickly. With our precision farming tools for spreading, spraying and seeding, you have the possibility to save on costs to ensure a good return on investment on your farm.

iM FARMING Calculator

With our iM FARMING calculator you can now see how much costs you can save on a daily basis when using these precision farming tools.

iM FARMING calculator 3

By using the calculator you can make a true estimation of the possible savings based on your farm size, field shapes, working width and actual costs of spreading, spraying and seeding. The calculator then calculates the cost savings by using GPS functionalities, as it is now possible for you to accurately seed, spray and spread without any overlap with the use of precision farming tools.

iM FARMING calculator 2

With a few simple steps, you can see how much you can save. You only have to select the implement you use and fill in your field data, then the calculator will show you how much you can save on a daily basis on your farm. Sounds interesting? Click on the link below to test it out yourself!

Please note we do not store your information.

CLICK HERE to open the iM FARMING Savings Calculator.

iM FARMING calculator

The iM FARMING Savings Calculator is currently available in the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Hungarian.

14 March 2022