Creating a fine finish with Kverneland FHS Chopper

When it comes to flail mowing, Paul Hellmers of PJH Outdoor Solutions has an appreciation of what his customers expect.

Creating a fine finish with Kverneland FHS Chopper

“Quality of finish is essential with everything we do,” says Paul. “And that’s regardless of whether we’re carrying out scrub clearance or paddock maintenance. It’s also why we use a Kverneland FHS 230 flail mower.”

He and son James work with a wide variety of customers, operating a fleet of tractors and equipment suited to paddock maintenance, fencing, flail mowing, tree maintenance, wood chipping, log splitting and cultivations. “Grounds maintenance is an increasingly important aspect for many of our customers,” he says. “With many sites, access can be challenging via narrow gateways or under low tree canopies, so we run our Kverneland flail mower on a 66hp Kubota M4062. It’s a useful mix of power, size and manoeuvrability.”

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Having previously used other flail mowers, PJH Outdoor Solutions swapped to a Kverneland FHS 23 0 from Cheshire Farm Machinery, as it sought to improve parts availability, backup and machine reliability. “For this type of work, a wellbuilt, high-quality machine is fundamental to the success of our business,” he adds. Reliability is as important as the finish we produce, but when there is a problem, you need to know that dealer knowledge and parts availability will keep downtime to a minimum.”

 “With adjustable rear hood and 500mm of hydraulic offset, we have a versatile flail mower in the FHS,” says Paul. “Hydraulic offset lets us work closely around obstacles, while the combination of two-position hood enables us to deal with any volume of growth and still leave a high-quality finish.