Why ploughing?

Some may ask Why ploughing?
From a neutral point of view, we can answer the following by combining farmers experience and recommendations.

Why ploughing?

Some may ask Why ploughing ?

From a neutral point of view, we can answer the following by combining empiric farmers experience and recommendations:

Ploughing is an efficient method of seedbed preparation. Weeds, slugs, pests are controlled. Residues are managed. Soil health can be improved.

The benefits from ploughing can be addressed through 4 factors:


  • Compatible with autumn and spring cropping rotations reducing risk of weather volatility
  • Suitable for varying crop varieties and rotation opportunities
  • System application for different soil types and follow up operations

Soil structure maintenance

  • Ability to remove and prevent compaction layers at varying depths as required
  • Incorporates residue mix within worked soil profile reducing risk of restrictive layer
  • Provides full inversion and distribution of soil aggregates for moisture, oxygen, nutrients and root transition through the working profile


  • More at the right time with settings to match soil types and conditions (Variomat enables working width adjustments depending on soil conditions)
  • Low cost of crop establishment. Only 2 pass system when conditions allow
  • Operator friendly for 24 hour operation
  • Satisfies increased demand for variation in working depth especially shallow operation. This implies managing the entire working width when ploughing.


  • Reduces risk of erosion and traffic compaction when used in conjunction with a packer (Packomat or Kverneland packers). 2 operations in only 1 pass.
  • Full burial of weeds within working depth of soil reducing chemical usage
  • Can be beneficial in organic systems - cover crop incorporation
  • Improved weed and pest control within system rotations

There is plenty to say. The experience of farmers is equally important. We have asked them Why ploughing ? Why ploughing with Kverneland ?

Here are the answers from Mr Gjesdal based in South West Norway.