On-Land Ploughing Benefits


On-Land Ploughing Benefits

In-Furrow or On-land ploughing ?

In-furrow ploughing is recommended in wet slippery conditions for instance. In other conditions, on-land ploughing is a great alternative. It actually bears agronomic, economic and health benefits.

Agronomic benefits 

On-land ploughing :

  • makes it easier to remove the soil compaction since the impact is shallower.
  • optimizes soil structure by loosening the soil immediately.
  • limits soil compaction by allowing working with lower pressure tyres and/or tracks, wider wheel/dual.
  • improves the soil profile in adverse conditions especially on heavy soil types.

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Economic benefits

  • higher productivity: lower pressure tyres and/or tracks, wider wheels/dual increase the traction.
  • reduced fuel consumption: the even weight distribution, when ploughing on-land, favors a homogenous and easier traction.
  • optimizes operating costs: on-land ploughing facilitates GPS guidance. Hence, fuel cost is optimized.
  • Higher efficiency: GPS guidance enables ploughing at night times. When ploughing windows are sometimes short, it becomes a real asset.
On Land Ploughing by night

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Health benefits

Not least, the position of the driver in the tractor cabin is improved when ploughing on-land. His/her comfort bears health benefits for short to long terms. More efficient and enjoyable working and leisure days altogether.


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finger tips

Conversion in-furrow / on-land: “finger tip” operation