Farmer Experience - IsoMatch FarmCentre

“I find IsoMatch FarmCentre an easy program to use” 

Farmer Experience - IsoMatch FarmCentre

Manfred Hurz is an Arable Farmer from Germany who in the video below is sharing his experience with the product IsoMatch FarmCentre and how it benefits him in his daily activities on the farm. 

What is IsoMatch FarmCentre?  

Whether you are a farmer or contractor with a fleet, IsoMatch FarmCentre gives you a complete overview of your business. You can track the movement of your fleet in real-time or verify later where your machines have been operating. Keeping track of multiple machines spread over vast areas has never been so easy! Additionally, all alerts and notifications are sent directly to the IsoMatch FarmCentre web application, and the history of alerts is saved. Allowing the dealer to access your account for remote support will decrease the risk of downtime and increase your productivity. With IsoMatch FarmCentre, machine performance parameters can be tracked and analysed for optimal performance. Actual information about the number of pressed bales, fertiliser consumption, and more are shown in the application. All this you can check remotely from a computer or even a tablet or smartphone.  


You can learn more about the product here: IsoMatch FarmCentre Kverneland