Ecomat for shallow ploughing: extra benefits

Research shows evidence that in some particular soil conditions, shallow ploughing is recommended. The Kverneland Ecomat enables a very efficient shallow ploughing from 6 cm up to 18 cm. It handles well light to medium soils and shows good results in heavy soils.

Ecomat for shallow ploughing: extra benefits

The Agronomic benefits from shallow ploughing

“Waste grain, plant remains and weeds are mixed into a smaller volume of soil which leads to a higher content of organic materials in the upper soil layer. Water management is improved. The soil is hence easier to work and the risk of crust formation is reduced. This results in good growing conditions”. (T. Ryberg, Professor at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden).


Better than reduced tillage
Compared to a reduced tillage system, the Ecomat buries plant residues more efficiently. The Ecomat also improves the mix of trash to soil which ensures that the seeds get in contact with the soil. Lesser trash concentration reduces the risk for fungal attack on the following crop.

The soil structure is improved. Chemical usage is reduced. Plants grow quicker. Therefore, the Ecomat ensures a more secure and stable cultivation method with better results.

Better than conventional tillage
Compared to a conventional tillage, 20-30 cm working depth for well buried weeds, the Ecomat enables ploughing from 6 cm up to 18 cm (once fitted with the Ecomat Ecoshare).

In principle, the deeper ploughing, the higher pulling force requirements. With the Ecomat, the shallow ploughing only requires a light weight tractor, and hence lesser fuel consumption and soil compaction.

The soil structure being less disturbed and water drainage improved, the plants grow quicker and better.


Maximise efficiency

Ecomat bodies
The design of the Ecomat parts is quite specific to achieve the best performance in shallow ploughing. For instance, the Ecomat bodies are shorter and lower than Kverneland plough bodies. Their cylindrical shape turns the soil fast to 180º. Straw and other residues are well mixed, placed at the bottom of the furrow while leaving a trash free surface.

High working capacity
The Ecomat is available from 5 to 8 furrows for up to 4 m working width. The design of the Ecomat and the Kverneland steel heat treatment technology guarantee low lifting capacities and low pulling forces. For stubble, 3-4 Ha/hour can be achieved at 12 km/hour.

The Ecomat features the Variomat which enables any ploughing width changes from the tractor cabin. It optimizes the formula: soil conditions-tractor-output-fuel consumption-productivity-ploughing performance.

Packomat for 5 benefits

  • The Packomat enables an immediate reconsolidation of the ploughed soil for an immediate capilarity re-establishment.
  • Ploughing and re-consolidating, in one pass only, increase productivity.
  • Economic benefit: reducing the number of passes reduces the fuel consumption. Using Packomat does not increase the fuel consumption
  • Higher profitability: Packomat stabilizes the plough even more and hence reduces the tear and wears on the landsides.
  • Agronomic consequence of using Packomat: lesser tractor passes limit potential soil compaction.


Discover the testimonial of Florian Chateigner, convinced user : "The Ecomat has proved to be the ideal choice. The field demonstration showed us that this is a plough for us. We wished we had thought of it earlier"