Boom Guide – Maintain the spray boom height

Perfect guidance in many different and challenging field conditions

Boom Guide ensures a perfect spraying pattern for high precision spraying. The Boom Guide sensor technology provides perfect guidance in many different and challenging field conditions, making it easier for the operator to stay focused on the spraying job.

Boom Guide Pro
The system uses three ultrasonic sensors to control leftand right-hand boom wings independently for ultimate guidance in the most challenging field conditions. It can deliver positive and negative lateral movement on each side of the boom to follow the contours in every condition!

Boom Guide ProActive (3 sensors)
This advanced system proactively reacts on boom movement and controls both the central and independent slope correction, as well as boom lift functions to guide the boom over the crop canopy, soil surface or a combination of both modes.

Boom Guide ProActive (5/3 sensors)
Boom Guide ProActive can be equipped with 5 sensors for the full spray boom width and only be using 3 sensors when the boom is symmetrically reduced for a smaller working width.

The Boom Guide systems as described above are available on the iXtrack T trailed sprayer range and the iXdrive S6 self-propelled sprayer range.