Whatever Your Mowing Needs - We’ve Got You Covered

Kverneland features a complete range of plain mowers with working widths ranging from 1.66-9.50m. So whatever you need to optimise your harvesting system, we have got a machine custom-built for that.

Whatever Your Mowing Needs  - We’ve Got You Covered

Kverneland 5000 M Series – Maximising Efficiency, Growing Profitability

Butterfly solutions in 8.7-9.5m working widths, run with tractors from 140hp. With integrated parking device for compact vertical storage and available with on-the- go hydraulic ground pressure setting.


Kverneland 2800 M Series – Simple Design, Quality Output

Centre pivot suspended 2.8-4.0m machines with excellent flotation for limited skid wear and maximum protection of stubble. Available with hydraulic on-the-go adjustment of ground pressure.


Kverneland 2800 F/FS Series - When Looking for Sophisticated Performance

Front mounted 2.8-3.2m mowers characterised by outstanding ground following ability, easy operation and low weight. Designed for a 640mm vertical and 17˚ horisontal adaptation range.  FS model features unique actively driven swath former.


Kverneland 2600 M Series – Flexible Suspension, Easy Operation

2.4-3.2m mowers designed with a very flexible suspension for outstanding ground following. The linkage enables mowing on steep angles or in hilly conditions.


Kverneland 2500 MH Series – Quality mowing, Hydraulic Suspension

Centre mounted plain disc mowers with hydraulic centre suspension supporting fast adaptation and equal ground pressure across the entire 3.2-4.0m working width.


25. June 2020