Shallow ? Deep ? Enduro !

The new versatile cultivator Kverneland Enduro will be the right choice for both, shallow stubble and deeper working depths.

Shallow ?  Deep ?  Enduro !

“Stubble cultivation, especially within a minimum tillage cultivation program, conserves soil structure and moisture and limits erosion,” Guillaume Hulin explains. ”It’s an operation which requires great consideration. Efficient stubble cultivation is the basis of success for the following crops!”


Soil tillage
The Enduro carries out tillage of the soil, levelling and consolidating in one pass reducing costs and the risk of lost moisture to promote the weed regrowth. 

With the Enduro and Enduro Pro, Kverneland offers a 3-row configuration on a mounted version available from 3.0m to 5.0m working width. In combination with the 270/285mm tine distance and a high underbeam clearance of 870mm, this leads to a nice mixing and finishing without any risk of blockages. A maximum working depth of 35cm is possible with the models of the Enduro Pro and 30cm with the Enduro.

Triflex 700 – for extra strength
The Enduro/Enduro Pro is equipped with the auto-reset Triflex tines at a release point of 700kg. The Triflex tine with narrow design and special shape reduces the pulling forces whilst ensuring a perfect penetration in most compacted soil. It is the perfect choice for deep loosening and working on heavier soil types strewn with stones. A wide choice of bolted shares (heat-treated or carbide) and Knock-on shares are available to adapt to different working depths and tasks. Alternatively, shear bolt tines are available.

Specific angle and hollow design
“One of the main advantages of the Kverneland Triflex tine is its strength and durable material. This is due to the hollow tine technology which allows the Triflex tine to flex sideways by up to 7cm. Then there is the special shape of the tine with two working zones. The first lower zone of the tine with a reduced angle of 33° lifts and cracks the soil like a subsoiler. Due to angle and pressure of the soil above, the tine has a high penetration. In the second part of the tine, the angle is raised to 73° in order to ensure an excellent mixing of the soil with residues.” Guillaume Hulin, plant manager, points out.

Adjustment of soil levelling – extremely user-friendly
The Enduro/Enduro Pro can be equipped with levelling tines and levelling disc systems. All units are spring or rubber buffer loaded and adjustable in working depth and angle. In combination with special border equipment, a perfect levelling is achieved. On the Enduro Pro version a second parallelogram at the levelling equipment ensures a consistent working angle also when the levelling depth changes. This adjustment being done on the go from the cab is extremely user-friendly for the driver.

Choice of rollers for soil consolidation – for extra versatility
A wide range of rollers is available to meet the various conditions and requirements. Straw decomposition is accelerated. By leaving a fine levelled and weatherproof finish, slug damage is reduced and moisture preserved.