New Terminal! IsoMatch Tellus GO+

“Made for Easy Machine Control and Efficient Farming”

New Terminal! IsoMatch Tellus GO+
IsoMatch tellus

When deciding what equipment to purchase, it is not always easy to find the optimal solution in the broad market offering of today. Technology is developing fast with tractors and implements increasingly being equipped with high-tech electronics. We understand this complexity and are committed to providing you with easy yet advanced farming solutions. Therefore we have created the ISOBUS Universal Terminal, IsoMatch Tellus GO+, which is made for easy machine control and efficient farming. Making it easy for you to make a choice.

The new IsoMatch Tellus GO+ offers a more powerful processor, allowing for significantly faster responsiveness and increasing the ease of navigation. The IsoMatch Tellus GO+ can handle demanding applications like IsoMatch FarmCentre, allowing advanced features and remote connection to your implement for a higher yield at less cost.

Ease of setting up the machine with the soft keys and simple use of the hard keys and rotary switch for optimal control while driving remains the trademark of the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ terminal, and is testimony to our commitment to bring farmers the most advanced technologies to improve productivity and efficiency. Separate licenses for specific functions are available, allowing you to tailor your investment to your personal needs.

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