New Generation of Ploughs: Kverneland 2300 S Variomat

Innovations that count. Designed for modern farming and easy adjustments in tough conditions (25-45 Hp per body). Efficiency and profitability are optimised.

New Generation of Ploughs: Kverneland 2300 S Variomat

Kverneland has developed the New Generation of Ploughs for moderm farming: comfort in transport and in operations as a must.


All the fundamentals of the brand are kept: robustness, easy settings, high ploughing performance. The aim remains to optimize profitability for you farmers and contractors. Low running costs combined to a quality soil preparation and hence high quality crops.

Robustness is achieved by the Kverneland steel heat treatments and design of parts. Easy settings are enabled by a pragmatic design. We are also farmers and world ploughing champions. High performance ploughing is in the DNA of Kverneland. Norway offers the toughest conditions for ploughing in Europe. We need to outperform to continue exporting our know how in 45 countries worldwide.

The Kverneland 2300 S Variomat is equipped with the headstock no 200. High performance in any soil conditions. Easy adjustments even in tough conditions. 3-5 furrow capacity. Low lifting capacities, low draft and hence low fuel consumption and low wearing of parts.

Bear in mind that Kverneland ploughs enable ploughing with 1 extra plough body compared to competition for the equivalent pulling forces requirements. Higher productivity: more capacity for the equivalent costs; higher profitability. Recommended 25-45 Hp per body.   

INNOVATIONS THAT COUNT concern every operation: ploughing and transport.

Trailer Transport Solution: a unique solution enabling the plough to behave like a trailer. The Trailer Transport Solution (TTS) offers the maximum safety to the driver and anything-anyone around. It remains optional.

KV-3300-S-2530-jpg-giidks2k34 (7)

(Kverneland 3300 S Variomat)

Optimized ploughing performance: Aero-profile legs, easy adjustment of the Auto-reset, quick skimmer depth setting, frame mounted or rear mounted wheel, hydraulic wheel with memory cylinder, Variomat for “on the move” ploughing width changes, immediate re-consolidation with Packomat or a trailed packer.

Aero-profile legs for optimal flow in high residual content or cover crops.

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Easy adjustment of the Auto reset: 2 screws to remove or add an external spring

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Quick skimmer depth adjustment: central and simultaneous


Frame mounted wheel to plough up to edges or rear mounted for best ploughing performance: mechanical or hydraulic

KV-3300-S-094-jpg-gikfx7nuol (2)

(Kverneland 3300 S Variomat)

Unique memory cylinder for the hydraulic wheel enabling short triangles at headlands: less overwork and better agronomic practices. Better weed control and flatter soil seedbed preparation. 

KV-3400-S-short-triangles-ghg8o2dxch (2)

(Kverneland 3400 S Variomat)

The reliable Variomat system ensures ploughing in any soils conditions: vary the ploughing width “on the move”. Optimise fuel consumption. The first body repositions itself automatically. The pulling line adjusts automatically for a quality ploughing and no extra draft and wearing of parts. The Variomat is maintainance free.  


Kverneland front and trailed packers or Packomat for immediate re-consolidation: no extra fuel consumption with the Packomat. Efficient: 2 operations in 1 pass only. It follows the plough from ploughing to transport.