NEW GENERATION OF PLOUGHS - Innovations that count

The best crops need the best soil preparation.
Comfort in transport and in operations is a must in modern farming. The plough must be robust and lasts long as any profitable investments. This is the Kverneland New Generation of Ploughs.

NEW GENERATION OF PLOUGHS - Innovations that count

 Kverneland has developed the New Generation of Ploughs for moderm farming: comfort in transport and in operations as a must.

Ploughing is for the majority of farmers one of the most efficient methods to control weeds, create humus and prepare soil for seeding efficiently. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is equally important. The burial of residues must be perfect and easy to achieve while cost must be minimized: low fuel consumption, low wearing of parts, low pull requirements. The plough must be robust and lasts long as any profitable investments.

The New Generation of Kverneland ploughs are equipped with the renowned Kverneland Variomat(*) and the Auto-reset to work in any soils conditions efficiently.

(*) model 3400 is also available with easy mechanical working width adjustments.


The mounted reversible ploughs offer capacity from 3-7 furrows: models 2300, 3300, 3400

The semi.-mounted reversible plough, 5-8 furrows: model 6300 (Awarded: Machine of the year 2020, DLG)

The innovations are:

  • Transport Trailer Solution (TTS): maximum safety
  • Aero-profile legs: optimum soil flow in any conditions
  • New leaf spring system: smart load adjustment
  • Unique memory cylinder: reduced triangles at headlands
  • New generation of skimmers: quick & easy depth adjustments
  • Frame mounted wheel: maximize the ploughing area

Trailer Transport Solution (TTS)

To maximise safety for the driver and for anyone or anything around, the plough behaves like a trailer. The pivot point of tractor/plough is located in the middle. In curves, there is no tilting out.

This Trailer Transport Solution (TTS) remains optional.


Aero-profile legs: higher ploughing performance

To optimise ploughing in any conditions, the aero-profile design of the legs and the 80 cm under beam clearance improve the soil flow in high residues conditions.


These robust legs are pre-shaped to limit welding and hence weaknesses. As any Kverneland Auto-reset legs, these remain hollow as to optimise the plough weight, pulling forces and hence fuel consumption.   

Smart leaf spring system

They are easy to add or remove in order to adapt to specific release forces. Only 2 bolts to unscrew. It does not require any maintenance.


Unique skimmer adjustment

The central adjustment of the skimmers makes it handy to fine tune the working depth whenever. Right and left working depth are adjustable simultaneously. This quick operation saves time while guaranteeing a perfect ploughing. To adapt to any soil conditions, the angle of the skimmer is easily adjustable via 1 bolt only. Manure and maize skimmers plus trash boards are available.

Disc coulters, plain and notched in 18” (45 cm) and 20” (50 cm), can equip any Kverneland ploughs.

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Unique memory cylinder - depth wheel control

At headlands the ins and outs can be reduced to the minimum with the hydraulic wheel. The defined ploughing depth remains correct after reversal via the memory cylinder. It bears lots of agronomic benefits: by limiting the triangles at headlands and hence their double ploughing, weeds are better controlled, the headlands are flatter and the seedbed is of a higher quality.


Frame and rear mounted wheels

Choose either a rear mounted wheel for the best ploughing performance or a frame mounted wheel to optimize the ploughed area. The latter is covered from 16” (10.0/75-15.3).

The frame mounted wheel, available for 5 furrow ploughs, can be used in combination with the Kverneland Trailer Transport Solution (TTS) or as a pure depth wheel.

The “Swivel“ movement of the wheels offers a smooth reversal for the best comfort of the driver. They are adjustable mechanically or hydraulically.



Largest rear mounted wheel - Kverneland 6300 model

Its rear position and large dimensions (440/80x24) maximize stability during ploughing and enable a well balance weight transfer from the plough wheel to the tractor’s rear wheels.

Consequently, the ploughing performances are optimized, fuel consumption and wear of parts are limited to the strict minimum. Hence, the profitability increases.

From an agronomic viewpoint, the larger the wheel, the less compaction, the better.

Not least, the special three point linkage prevents high forces on the tractor during ploughing and transportation which lingers the tractor life time.

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Kverneland unique memory cylinder:

Kverneland Aero-profile legs:

Kverneland unique TTS:

Kverneland new generation skimmers:

Kverneland frame mounted wheel: