Kverneland u-drill plus

 Application of seeds and fertiliser in one go

Kverneland u-drill plus

The Kverneland u-drill plus is the combined grain and fertiliser version of the Kverneland u-drill. The u-drill plus is especially adapted to the needs of the Northern and Eastern European markets where a large proportion of cereal is sown in spring.

These crops can show a substantial increase in yield when applying fertiliser with a relatively high % of phosphate whilst sowing.

Precise application

The Kverneland 6m fold u-drill plus is able to deliver fertiliser application rates up to 400kg/ha and 15kph. The pressurised hopper system ensures that these rates are maintained even under the most difficult conditions. The hydraulic fan drive is powered from the tractor hydraulics.

With the u-drill plus, there are two different ways of fertiliser placement: The first option is to place the fertiliser within the row of the seed by the double entry version of the CD seed coulter and the second option is to apply the fertiliser between two seed rows via the disc harrow.

The u-drill plus 6001 offers perfect seed and fertilizer placement at high speed. Being fully ISOBUS compatible, it ensures easy handling and maintenance for the operator’s convenience and safety.

April 27. 2020