Kverneland DTX with a-drill

All in one pass 

Kverneland DTX with a-drill

Utmost efficiency with the DTX and a-drill: soil restructuring, cultivation and seeding of cover crops and OSR – all in one pass.

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Following the successful introduction of the DTX to the market, Kverneland have integrated the well-proven pneumatic a-drill for the simultaneous sowing of intermediate crops or rape seeds. A logical one pass establishment combination which will increase farmers’ efficiency even further with the DTX

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As a result of increasing farm size and shorter weather periods, combining operations in one pass to save time has become a valuable factor. The Kverneland DTX in combination with the a-drill is the perfect solution for soil loosening, residue management, reconsolidation and sowing of intermediate crops in one pass. The soil loosening tines also provide ideal conditions for important OSR root development especially when using the option of the low disturbance tines for shallower operation. This saves time and money whilst improving the soil structure.

In response to the EU nitrogen directive, farmers are requested to establish an intermediate crop as vegetation cover in the fall (autumn) in order to absorb nitrogen from the soil and air. This helps avoid leaching, resituate nitrogen for the next crops and also protect the soil against erosion. With the DTX leaving a weather-proof soil surface, the combination with the a-drill finishes the task completely.