Experience and features of the iXtra LiFe liquid fertiliser front tank

Contractor Breure from Klaaswel (The Netherlands) explains his user experience and benefits with the Kverneland iXtra LiFe in combination with the Kverneland Optima seeding machine

"Make better use of the minerals in the root zone"

“With our contractor company our main business is seeding, planning, nursing and harvesting.”

“We have the Kverneland Optima seeder, which we use mainly for silage maize, sugar maize. We also seed pumpkins with this machine. We use the Optima in combination with the iXtra LiFe front tank to apply liquid fertiliser during seeding.”


”A big advantage of the iXtra LiFe front tank is that we can operate and control the iXtra LiFe and the seeders (Monopill and Optima seeding machine) via the same screen and terminal, the IsoMatch Tellus, and they are also connected to each other.”

“One of the main reasons we have chosen for the iXtra LiFe and the two seeding machines is the option to be able to switch on- and off sections of the rows at the headland, in tramlines and wedged shaped fields, mainly to avoid overlap.”

“The ISOBUS compatibility makes it possible to change from the Monopil seeder to the Optima seeder very quickly. By plugging in the IsoMatch Tellus all data from the seeder is immediately available at one screen, avoiding any mistakes regarding working widths, row distance and other issues.”

“Due to the innovative technology from Kverneland we are able as a contractor, by using the iXtra LiFe front tank and the seeders, to make better use of the minerals in the root zone of the soil by applying them in the row during seeding. At the same time, we are taking better care of the environment by saving fertiliser and minerals.”

March 31. 2020