Covid-19 Corona virus and its impact on AG-Machinery for Kverneland Group: Meeting the extensive challenges of this pandemic

A message from Kverneland Group’s Executive Board of Directors

Covid-19 Corona virus and its impact on AG-Machinery for Kverneland Group: Meeting the extensive challenges of this pandemic

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the virus and we extend our wishes for a full recovery.

We thank all of those who are in the front-lines in critical functions such as health care and critical services, doing their utmost to help and keep others safe and healthy. At same we would also very much like to express our appreciation of and solidarity with the farmers – who are the key pillar in the critical food chain in any society- and we extend this to all our customers, suppliers, distribution partners and employees who are supporting them.

Since the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus as a pandemic some weeks ago, our Industry’s role towards food security is proven to be even more critical, supporting farmers in food production across all sector such as in arable crops, dairy farming, animal breeding, as well as in vegetables and specialty crop production.

To meet the great challenges of this pandemic, we have agreed with our committed staff, supply partners and distribution networks on a wide-ranging set of measures, closely following the guidance of the World Health Organisation and the local health authorities in each country.

Throughout the coming weeks, we will continue our hard work to ensure continued delivery of new products and parts, and also to ensure that our service and product specialists are available to support in the appropriate ways towards distribution partners and farmers, at the best possible level. All still being done in accordance with the important precautions being issued by Authorities in the different countries.

In the first place we strongly prioritise the health and wellbeing of our customers, partners, and employees in our dedicated work to maintain the processes and systems necessary to ensure that the production and distribution of agricultural machinery and spare parts continues. All aimed at supporting our distribution and farmers and – with that- helping to ensure that the food supply chain is working as good as possible.
In this respect we are also very proud of our employees making very strong efforts to keep our operations going during these challenging times for everyone.

Equally, to all users of our products: We are aware that farm operations are being done on the basis of seasons, which cannot be postponed. Through our agricultural equipment dealers, we will do our utmost to provide access to ordered equipment, services and spare-parts. Should any requests remain unanswered, please contact the local Sales Company or Distributor. In case of emergencies or special situations, you can also contact us via email.

Kverneland Group

Executive Board of Directors

April 2020