Versatile choppers from Kverneland!

Kverneland Choppers - Versatile, Reliable, Efficient!

Versatile choppers from Kverneland!

The extensive range of Kverneland choppers ensures there is a model to suit every operating requirement.

Each model provides great results in a wide variety of operating conditions. All models are solidly constructed with a robust gearbox and rugged “V” belt transmission.


A strong double headstock of the FRO allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor


The Kverneland FHP is a new multipurpose chopper for road maintenance, clearing outfield edges, ditches and hedges

A high strength body with double plating in critical areas provides further reassurance.

A combination of precision engineered rotor shafts and hard wearing blades ensure reliable operation, while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

See Kverneland choppers in action:

13. May 2019