Starting with the Kverneland 2500 i-Plough, the new models cover 3-8 furrow capacity.


The New generation of Kverneland mounted and semi-mounted reversible ploughs capitalise on the existing values: robustness, easiness, high ploughing performance. All aim at a profitable ploughing.

The new generation of Kverneland Variomat ploughs integrate innovations designed for the Kverneland 2500-i-Plough. The latter received awards all over Europe in 2017. Hence, a unique transport solution, new higher legs, a quick adjustment of skimmers, swivel movement of the wheel for more comfort, rear or frame mounted wheels.


Safe transport: Trailer Transport Solution (TTS)

To maximise safety for the driver and for anyone, anything around, the plough behaves like a trailer. The pivot point of tractor/plough is located in the middle. In curves, there is no tilting out.
This transport solution is optional.


Higher ploughing performance

To optimise ploughing in any conditions, the aero-profile design of the legs and the 80 cm under beam clearance improve the soil flow in high residues conditions.

These robust legs are pre-shaped to limit welding that could weaken plough parts. As any Kverneland Auto-reset legs, these remain hollow as to optimise the plough weight, pulling forces and hence fuel consumption.  

Handy release forces adjustments – no maintenance cost

The leaf springs of the Auto-reset legs are specially designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Smart, they are easy to add or remove in order to adapt to specific necessary release forces. This mechanical leg protection system already validated on the Kv 2500 i-Plough is maintenance free.

Quick and easy skimmer adjustment

Central adjustment of the skimmers: right and left working depth are adjustable simultaneously and precisely. Highly efficient, this quick operation saves time while guaranteeing a perfect ploughing.
Manure and maize skimmers plus trash boards are available.

Disc coulters, plain and notched in 18” (45 cm) and 20” (50 cm), can equip any Kverneland ploughs.

Comfort at headlands

The swivel movement of the wheel offers a real comfort to the driver.

Rear and frame mounted wheels

The mounted reversible ploughs are available with either a rear or a frame mounted wheel. The semi-mounted reversible Kverneland 6300 S features the largest wheel available on the market for maximum stability during ploughing. Very handy in wet conditions.

Variomat benefits

The Kverneland Variomat system not only increases output but also saves time, fuel and money. Ploughing and trash burying performance improve too.

The Variomat allows easy adjustments to the preferred working widths. This is easily done either mechanically or hydraulically. Depending on models, it can be adjusted from 30 to 55 cm. The Auto-line system guarantees the correct pulling line at any time. When changing the working width, both front furrow width and pulling line adjust accordingly, automatically.

The Kverneland Variomat system is maintenance free thanks to a unique non wearing linkage joint between the beams and the mainframe section.

In-furrow and on-Land

The Kverneland 3400 S model offers in-furrow and on-land ploughing. Easy finger tip operation for the conversion.

Kverneland new generation plough model naming

Kverneland new model names applies to all new ploughs following the Kverneland 2500 i-Plough. The higher the number, the more powerful the tractor can be.

Mounted reversible models Kverneland 2300 S, 3300 S, 3400 S.

Semi-mounted reversible Kverneland 6300 S

New Generation Plough range 2019

6. November 2019