Your guide to maximum performance!

With the IsoMatch Manual Guidance set

Your guide to maximum performance!

Once you have invested in an IsoMatch Tellus GO, you are on track with the latest technology. Expand your possibilities with the IsoMatch Global DGPS antenna and the IsoMatch Inline light bar for manual guidance. This combination guides you in a straight line to maximum performance.


IsoMatch Manual Guidance set
With the IsoMatch Tellus GO, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL (its precision farming application), IsoMatch Global and IsoMatch Inline you are always on track. IsoMatch Tellus GO makes it easy to control any ISOBUS machine from your tractor cab. Just step into the tractor, switch on the power button and go! There are no difficulties during operating settings and the terminal brings the implement automatically into view. The IsoMatch GEOCONTROL precision farming application, boosts efficiency and saves time and costs. One advantage of this easy to use application is the manual guidance feature. It shows you the advised driving position using guidance lines in the field and on headlands.

An essential accessory for manual guidance is the IsoMatch Global GPS antenna, with DGPS accuracy which enables satellite navigation. Together with the IsoMatch InLine light bar it allows easy manual guidance. This light bar is the perfect assistant to get you as close as possible to your desired A-B line. Mounted in the line of sight, you can easily see the distance from the A-B line and to which direction you should steer for the ideal position.

IsoMatch Manual Guidance set - your guide to maximum performance!

20. February 2017