New Kverneland Body: No 34

For sticky soils and large tractor tyres

New Kverneland Body: No 34

Kverneland is renowned for high ploughing performance worldwide. The Kverneland bodies enable ploughing in any conditions.

Body No 34 is now available. It is designed for tractors with large tyres and for ploughing in sticky conditions without stones. 



Designed for high performance
Kverneland bodies benefit from an outstanding reputation: high agronomic performance and low wearing. Body No 34 follows the same logic.

Its shape is comparable to the one of the successful Body No 28. For perfect results in sticky conditions, an extra 5 cm height has been added vs Body No 28.The latter already offered high performance in any conditions for tractors with large tyres. 


The risk of ploughing with longer or higher bodies could be to increase the fuel consumption. Actually, recent scientific studies prove that (1) Kverneland bodies induce the lowest fuel consumption compared to competition and (2) Body No 28 remains easy to pull while offering more output and still a very low fuel consumption.

Low pull requirement
Recent university studies, FH Cologne and Wilsmann 2012, have revealed that the design of Kverneland bodies offer some of  the  lowest  pulling  forces on  the  market: from -20% to -42% when ploughing at 20 cm working depth and -11% to -24% at 30 cm. It is therefore possible to plough with 1 extra Kverneland body and gain in output compared to competition.

As regard to fuel consumption, it is reduced by 19% to 28% when using a Kverneland plough.

The experience of a UK based farmer:

"I have just changed to a Kverneland plough. It’s hard to understand just where the improvements have come from – perhaps it’s the No. 28 bodies or the quality of metal used – but we can now plough three hours extra every day without having to refuel. There is just something about the way the plough handles soil – it really is impressive" 
Gary Farley (UK)

Wide empty furrow
Bodies No. 28 & No 34  shape and action move the soil further away from the landside, increase the furrow bottom width by as much as 25% compared to Body No. 9. This allows wide tractor tyres, like a 710 serie type, to work in the furrow without rolling down the previous furrow.


Body 34:

  • plastic mouldboard
  • long and slim shape (similar to Body 28)
  • for soils with high humus content without stones
  • advised for tractors with large tyres
  • easy pulling
  • working depth: 12-35 cm
  • working width: 30-55 cm
  • landside / mouldboard: 40°

Kverneland renews with its long tradition as a Trend Setter. This is about Profitable ploughing.  

2. February 2016