Kverneland iXdrive – Your Next Drive into Precision Spraying

Kverneland iXdrive – Your Next Drive into Precision Spraying

Spraying jobs have often to be carried out in small time frames, so high capacity is required. The Kverneland iXdrive is an ‘all in one sprayer’ offering ergonomics, efficiency and comfort. During the development there has been a big focus on reliability, durability and easy maintenance to secure a cost efficient operation.

Welcome in the world of precision spraying! To offer the most advanced and intelligent solutions to our customer base, the iXdrive comes as standard with the Kverneland iXclean Pro automatic valve management system. This means that all the functions can be controlled from the cab. Switching between filling, agitation, spraying, diluting, priming, rinsing and tank cleaning is extremely easy: just push one button!

To increase the driver’s comfort, the iXdrive cabin comes standard with the Kverneland IsoMatch Tellus terminal. It’s dual screen provides a direct overview of both sprayer and field information. The IsoMatch GEOCONTROL application in combination with a GPS receiver, runs section control and VRT jobs and fulfils the needs in terms of smart, easy and efficient farming.

Ben van Vliet: “One of the reasons I bought a Kverneland iXdrive is because of the comfort of the self-propelled spraying in combination with the functionalities of the IsoMatch Tellus terminal with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL application.”

21. November 2016