Kverneland iXdrive – See, Feel and Drive

With the introduction of the iXdrive self-propelled field sprayer Kverneland is becoming a full liner in field sprayers.

Kverneland iXdrive – See, Feel and Drive

Ergonomic Design and Excellent Comfort
The iXdrive self-propelled sprayer is designed with big focus on reliability, durability and easy maintenance to secure a cost efficient operation. The iXdrive is a combination of ergonomics, efficiency and comfort in one sprayer.

Spraying jobs are often carried out in small time frames, so high capacity is required. The cab is spacious, has a good visibility and gives the operator all the comfort he needs. 

Kverneland Spraying Technology
The complete EasySet control panel is located between the wheels, at the left hand side of the iXdrive. The control panel includes the electric valves, pumps, filters, chemical inductor and the hose connections. So it has everything you need for filling and emptying the tank in one place. The control panel is well protected behind a cover.

Professional and High Tech Spray Booms
The iXdrive will be available in combination with the HSS spray boom from 27 up to 40 metres or the HSA 24 up to 30 metres aluminium spray boom. The HSS three-part-folded spray boom profile combines a minimum of weight with maximum strength and stability. The high tech HSA aluminium boom protects the nozzle holders efficiently within the bottom profile and is designed for easy cleaning. Aluminium bonding instead of welding saves on weight and has remarkable strength.

The Solution for Optimal Crop Protection
For optimal protection of the crop the iXdrive is available with three different ground clearance and track width combinations. The hydraulic adjustable track width ensures optimal row spacing possibilities in different crops.

Do you want to know more about the Kverneland iXdrive? Visit then our iXdrive website: http://ixdrive.eu

23. May 2016