Kverneland PN/RN On Land ploughing

Kverneland PN/RN On Land ploughing

On Land ploughing concept
There are important selling arguments towards On land ploughing. On the one hand, those that have tried it can immediately feel that ploughing is more comfortable. On the other hand, from the agronomic aspects, On Land ploughing reduces the pressure in the furrow and hence limits the building of the ploughing pan.  

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Kverneland On Land ploughing
The range of Kverneland ploughs for On Land ploughing is now extended. The Kverneland EO/LO and PW/RW ploughs offered the possibility for On Land ploughing respectively as mounted reversible ploughs and semi-mounted reversible wagon ploughs.
Form 1st of June, the semi-mounted reversible ploughs PN/RN are also available for On Land ploughing.

Kverneland RN/PN On Land versions
The RN/PN semi-mounted ploughs are existing ploughs for in furrow ploughing. They offer a very economic ploughing via their construction with a manual adjustment of the ploughing width, the center-mounted wheel and capacity from 5 to 9 furrows. Their ploughing performance are high thanks the choice of Kverneland bodies while their adjustments remain simple and efficient.

The On Land version is actually an upgrade of the existing RN/PN:

  • Even more robust with a 200 x 200 mm standard frame
  • Headstock cat. III or IV
  • Smoother reversing thanks to new cylinders
  • Gentle movement between the turnover arm and the frame via plastic wear plates. No lubrification needed. Less noise too
  • Easier adjustment of the wheel angle when changing the ploughing width via a turnbuckle

In-Furrow & On Land : low pulling force for high output
Any PN/RN ploughs ordered from the 1st of June 2016 can work both In Furrow and On Land. The On Land versions can also plough In Furrow while the In Furrow version can be retrofitted with an On Land Kit. The adjustment between In Furrow and On Land is hydraulic.

The On Land versions suits tractors with up to 3,60 m outer wheel/track width.

Both PN fitted with the Auto-reset and RN with shearbolt legs can be extended by 1 body.

  • PN/RN 100 : 5 to 9 furrow max.
  • PN/RN 115: 5 to 7 furrow max.

Kverneland PN/RN ploughs are robust, easy to handle, economic to run while delivering a high quality output. With the On land version, plough more with more comfort and increase the agronomic standards. Just try them. 

6. June 2016