Kverneland Kultistrip with new foldable models

After the successful introduction of the rigid frames in different countries all over Europe, Kverneland Group has done the next step within the Strip-Till technology segment by extending the range of the Kultistrip by new foldable models.

Kverneland Kultistrip with new foldable models

Over the last two years, the Kverneland Kultistrip has proven itself on different farms and field conditions all over Europe. From hard-clay soils in the UK to light sandy soils in Hungary, farmers were impressed by the good performance of the Kultistrip. Due to the special arrangement of the different work zones, the Kverneland Kultistrip ensures a nice stripe, produced at high working speeds with high output. The option to inject different kinds of fertiliser in one pass together with soil preparation makes the Kverneland Kultistrip even more economic and offers the farmer new options in his fertiliser management system. 

The Kverneland Group has offered so far rigid frames with working width of 3m, 4.5m and 6m with possible row width of minimum 45cm up to 80cm or even larger on customer request. Thus configurations from 4 up to 12 rows are possible depending on working width and also uneven numbers of rows are possible with the Kverneland Kultistrip.

In order to combine a large working width with fast and safe road transport, Kverneland Group introduces the new foldable generation of the Kultistrip. The Kverneland Kultistrip 4500F and 6000F are offering 4.5 and 6m working width with all possible row numbers and spacings. Combinations with 6 or 8 rows for example for maize and with 9 or 12 rows for sugar-beets are possible.

The new frame offers a very strong design for operation in tough conditions and with high pulling forces. On the other hand, due to the compact design of the frame and the Kultistrip row itself, the required lifting forces are very small in comparison to the total weight of the machine.

With the 3-section folding of the new Kultistrip frame, the machine achieves a transport width below 3m, without any additional work on the row to be done. To ensure safe transport at high speeds, the foldable wings are blocked hydraulically and the parallelograms of the rows, folded up, are blocked mechanically.

As available for the rigid Kverneland Kultistrip, also the foldable versions can be equipped with different fertilizer injection tools for liquid or granule mineral fertilizer and with distribution heads for slurry. Due to the position of the distribution head, directly over the row-units, a very good distribution is reached.

24. October 2016