Kverneland 2500 i-Plough®

ISOBUS mounted reversible plough

Kverneland 2500 i-Plough®

Awarded «Machine of the Year 2016», the Kv 2500 i-Plough® has gained even more awards this year throughout Europe. The introduction phase of this brand new solution continues in Europe while its full production now starts. Why is the Kv 2500 i-Plough® perceived as revolutionary?   

Being demonstrated in several European countries, the testers agree on the following:


From transport to perfect furrows in a record time, from the tractor cabin:

  • Smart: define any relevant plough settings from the tractor cabin.
  • Easy: the ISOBUS screen clearly shows how to adjust the plough within finger tips.
  • Unique: 10 innovations to improve the farmers/contractors working life.
  • Four essential functions are controlled by the Kverneland 2500 i-Plough®:
  • Ploughing: all important adjustment possibilities from the tractor cabin via the Isobus screen.
  • Transport: automatic sequences to ensure a safe transport.
  • Marking: important function for “non-square fields” and for nice in´s and out´s on the head land.
  • Connecting: safe and trouble free parallel setting of the cross shaft connection to the tractor lower links.

These intuitive menues are available in several languages

Kverneland 2500 B/S i-Plough®: Easy, Robust, Innovative

Kv 2500 i-Plough®: Robust

  • Unique: Kverneland steel and heat treatment technology to the complete plough! Therefore, robust, easy to lift and to pull, low fuel consumption and low wear of parts.
  • Kv 2500 S with Auto-reset. No maintenance! Kv 2500 B with shearBolt legs protections.
  • Recommended for tractors up to 280hp (206kW).
  • 120 x 200mm induction heat treated frame, extendable frame by 1 furrow.
  • 4 to max. 6 furrow plough.

Kv 2500 i-Plough®: Easy

  • Operate and control via either terminals: Isomatch Tellus, Tellus Go or tractor terminal.
  • Automatic calibration of the plough settings to the tractor rear wheel setting.
  • FURROWcontrol RTK/DGP for straight furrows following an A-B line.
  • Variomat® from the cabin (12” to 24”). Self adjusting pulling line.



A-B line:



Reported by one tester: “Either you know how to plough straight or not. I do. That day when we tested the Kv 2500 i-Plough, conditions were wet, the field had not been ploughed for 10 years. I must admit that I did not manage to plough straight, having the tractor sliding. I got convinced to test the FURROWcontrol function. Just amazing. Furrows got straight. I now understand the need for it.”

Another tester: ”After a long working day, concentration is not at its best. I tested the FURROWcontrol of the i-Plough. No doubt, that was relaxing. Furrows were definitely straight. I’ll use it.”  

Kv 2500 i-Plough®: Innovative 

  • 10 innovations among which 6 are patented:
    Transport solution, Hinged headstock, Central skimmer adjustment, Add-on leaf spring system, Depth wheel system, Belt/track for plough.
  • Advanced transport solution: Hinged head stock mast.
    Optimum security: the plough behaves like a trailer during transport.
    Save time: cabin controlled transport and ploughing positions.
  • For very wet conditions: frame mounted Kverneland belt, 65 x 30cm, covering the plough working width.
  • Safe swivel reversal for the Kverneland belt and for the combi/frame mounted wheels    
  • Skimmers: central adjustment of working depth. 
  • Leg protections: add or remove springs on the Auto-reset, simply.
  • Aero-profile high legs to avoid blockage in heavy residues.

Standard Kverneland benefits:

  • Easy pulling
  • Long lasting
  • High second hand value

Kverneland is the brand that contributes to make your ploughing profitable. University studies have demonstrated it by using criteria like fuel consumption, actual ploughing quality results etc…
Kverneland 2500 i-Plough® is definitely well ahead competition by adding even more efficiency, safety and performance with more comfort for the driver. Try it and enjoy it. 


“It has never been so easy to set a plough from a transport position to the perfect ploughing from the tractor seat”
Ad Buys (Dutch National Champion in Ploughing) after testing a Kverneland 2500 i-Plough®